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Verses For Lenten Reflection

We are currently in the midst of the Lenten season - a time to reflect and be mindful of what Christ did for us on the cross.  This time of year is especially meaningful for those of us who follow Christ. Observing Lent gives Easter an even deeper and richer meaning than when we just choose to celebrate the time from Good Friday to Easter.

Lenten Reflection Printable

I wanted to create some printables this month to help us really focus on the sacrifices of Christ and what His death and resurrection mean to those of us who are His followers.

At breakfast in the morning I like to take a few minutes to remind the kids of the season and it's meaning.  I've also been playing a hymn on the iPad that we can learn together.  Recently the hymn has been "O Sacred Head, Now Wounded." 

I've been playing this version, as it's fairly easy to sing with and shows images from the movie The Passion, helping the kids understand what the song is about.

Printable Verse Cards For Lent

We can also use Bible verses in our personal prayer times or with the kids to help us focus during Lent.  I'm providing verse cards you can print and set around the house to read as you go about your day.  My prayer is that they'll help all of us have a deeper focus and reflection on Christ's sacrifice.

Print Lenten Reflection Bible Verse Cards

Print 8x10 Lenten Verse

What are some of the meaningful ways you observe Lent?  Do you have any favorite verses or hymns for this time of year?

Blessings, Christy

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