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One Question To Ask Yourself In The Morning

I am often thinking or worrying about my kids. I wonder if I'm letting them watch too much TV or play on devices too long.  I think about what they eat. How much they're outside.  Their clothes, their hair, their shoes (and if they're wearing them).  Basically, every part of their lives I stress over.  I wonder if I'm doing this whole motherhood thing right.


I've lately been encouraged to focus on special moments with my children, instead of getting overwhelmed with childrearing worries that really have no defined answers.  I love this idea.

About a week ago I read a post by Chris Lema on finding balance between work and life.  Since I work two part-time jobs, have several children, and homeschool part-time, I am often striving for balance.  I was pretty sure all of my problems were going to be answered in that post.

Chris says:

success for me is all about having healthy relationships and enjoying my time with amazing people

He goes on to talk about how he applies that principle at work and at home.

The article got me thinking:  What amazing people are there in my life?

My children!

After I read this post I had the idea to ask myself when I wake up:

how can I show my kids I value them with my words today?

I can worry to my heart's content, but it really comes down to how I interacted with my children today.  Can they tell I love them from what I say?

This new way of coming at my day is helping me.  A few benefits:

  • I'm more encouraging
  • my voice is generally more pleasant
  • I'm noticing more positive things in my children
  • I'm able to show more empathy towards my children when they misbehave

Please don't misunderstand, I'm not saying wonderful words all day long, (I might have said the baby's first AND middle names today when he smashed his brownie batter egg on the counter...)  But when I do find myself getting short or maybe frustrated I have been able to stop myself sooner.

I'm always open to new suggestions, what tricks have you learned that help you focus on your children in a meaningful way?



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