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4 Practical Tips To Make Life With Kids Easier

I have five kids.  That's a lot of logistics to juggle.  I know many mamas have more and there are many solutions to the little dilemmas we all face.  Here are a few solutions that I've worked out. {One thing about being a mom, we learn to be flexible.  These solutions change with family size, parent preference, children's ages, and all of the other factors we deal with.}

towel hooks

1.  towels

Towel Dilemma 1:  how many towels are on the towel racks after bath time?  at my house, not many.  They're all lying on the floor, strewn throughout the house.

Mama says:  "Child #1, put away your towel!"

Child #1:  I did!

Mama:  Child #2, put away your towel!

Child #2:  I did!

And so on.

Solution:  If everyone has their own color coded towel you never have to guess which child's towel is on the floor!  Also, it's possibly more hygienic (if there is such a thing in a house where everyone shares air and toilets and sinks and just about everything.)  Also, the kids love having their own towel!

(I got these towels at Target for $5 each.  A steal for sanity!)

Towel Dilemma 2:  little hands are not dexterous at folding and replacing towels on towel racks.

Solution:  Coat hooks work great in the bathroom, you can hang more towels than most towel racks, and the towels dry faster.

simple closet organizing

2.  the coat closet

Dilemma:  Little hands can't reach the traditional level closet racks, and have a hard time hanging sweatshirts and coats up anyway.

I struggled with this one forever.  Until I had three, I periodically hung up everyone's sweatshirt from the pile on the floor, or I kept them in everyone's own room.  Then I just let all the sweatshirts nest in a big pile on the floor of the coat closet.  This was not ideal.

Solution:  those little plastic self-stick hangers you can get at Walmart or Target or wherever.  I bought a few packs and went to town on the coat closet.  I hung them around the inside of the coat closet at child level and on the closet door.  If the sweatshirts get unruly it's an easy chore even for my two year old.  But most of the time the sweatshirts are now hung!

drinking cup placemat

3.  drinking cups

Dilemma:  Half-way through your day there are about 500 plastic character covered drinking glasses from your kitchen counter to the front porch.  You need an extra dishwasher just for the drinking glasses!

Solution(s):  I've seen some pretty cute solutions.

#1:  homemade placemat (made by my sweet niece back when we only had three kids).  This works well at my house.  My kids love having a spot for their own cups.

#2:  assigned drinking cups.  You can write names on the cups using Sharpies or buy one color for each child.  Kids love this, too.  Everyone loves having their own cup.

#3:  this crazy neat drinking cup tile thing that I'll never make but love from Bee In Our Bonnet.  Now that I see the tutorial it doesn't look that hard.


toothbrushes4.  toothbrushes

Dilemma:  yuck.  When it's time to brush teeth I'm not sure there is a good solution.  Our bathroom is small and no matter how few children I send to brush their teeth at one time, when all is said and done there is toothpaste everywhere.  Ideally, I would like to keep all of the toothbrushes in one of those little cups with separate holes for each brush but a) they don't make them with more than four holes and b) Tinkerbell and Spiderman toothbrushes don't FIT in the holes. It seems so sanitary, though.

Solution #1:  No more brushing teeth.  Who needs it?  They'll probably get cavities anyway.  But just in case my mom reads this I'll offer my real solution...

Solution #2:  (and this is imperfect, but it's what I've got) I keep all toothbrushing supplies in a kitchen cabinet.  High enough that toddlers can't reach them.  The children brush their teeth in the kitchen where there is more room and for some reason less toothpaste when all is said and done.

Solution #3:  my friend makes homemade toothpaste and her kids don't love the taste, so they just use a very little bit.

Solution #4: This super cute little organizer my friend Kara has for her kids.

What little tricks have you learned that make life a little easier?

(and if you figure out how to get everyone to replace the cap on the toothpaste, I'm all ears.)


Christy, One Fun Mom

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