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Teaching Our Daughters True Love

My daughter is the only girl in the midst of four boys.  She's two years old.  Although, if you ask her how old she is she'll say, "two minutes." There are so many trials and hurts ahead of her, no matter how I try to protect her - just as there will be for all of our children.  ("In this world you will have trouble..." John 16:32).

I want her to know without a doubt God's love for her.  I want her to know how precious she is to Him, even when those trials come.  I want her to know her beauty and her perfection.

I want my daughter to rest in the love of God when nothing makes sense.

come now my love

This morning as I wake she talks to me about the frog in her head {?} and how she and her brothers had a bonfire with daddy last night.  I untwist yesterday's braids and ready her to hop in the shower with me.

I tell her:  "Do you know what God says to you?"

Her eyes turn up as she speaks around her pacifier, "What?"

"He says:  Come now, my love.  My lovely one, can you tell me?  What does He say?"  I pull out her paci.

"LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!"  she sings.  "And Strawberry Shortcake says 'LOVE LOVE LOVE'!"

Smiling, I put her down and leave the bathroom to grab some clothes.

When I come back in she has gotten in the shower by herself.  I hear her playing with her brother's Matchbox cars.  I ask again:  "What does God tell you?"

From the shower she sings:  "LOVE!  LOVE!  LOVE!"

Yes, that's what He says, LOVE LOVE LOVE!  If that's what my two year old knows about God, that is enough.

As she grows we'll memorize that verse together.  I'll tell her how lovely she is and how lovely God thinks she is.  I'll tell her how He has loved her with an everlasting love; He has drawn her with unfailing kindness. {Jeremiah 31:2-4}

I'll teach her that God has summoned her by name. She is His. {Isaiah 43:1-3}

She and I will say together, knowing that our Father calls us:

Come now, my love.  My lovely one, come...The flowers appear in the land, the season of joyful songs has come.  The cooing of the turtledove is heard in our land.  Come now, my love.  My lovely one, come.  Song of Songs 2:10-14 {New Jerusalem Bible}


Christy, One Fun Mom 

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