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Life in Bali and eBook Giveaway!

"Selamat pagi!"  the shopkeeper calls out his goodmornings as I run by. Two dogs tear out of their family compound toward me, barking violently.  I stoop mid-stride and reach my hand toward the ground.  As I turn and pull my arm back to throw the dogs back off, cowed by the pretend rocks in my hand.

My nose fills with the smoky smells of incense and early morning cook fires.  I pass several women laying the first offerings on the ground at their doorways.

The uniformed school children gawk at me, whispering "Bule, bule."  White lady, they say.  Foreign lady running.  {boo-lay}

My favorite jog takes me to the beach where I run along the cobblestoned path.  I pass shops and restaurants and hotels where sleepy workers are raking the sand, travelers are just rambling into the restaurants for breakfast, and dogs still rummage through waste bins for last night's leftovers.

Tiger Hunt Collage

Many of my mornings in Bali started this way.  When I got back my husband would leave for work and my day with two young boys would begin.

While we lived in Bali I was able to write a story about those two young boys.  An adventure that played itself out in all the places we had been.  The story took me to my husband's favorite surfing beach, the volcano we had traveled to, the monkey forest where the monkeys tried to take our backpacks and cameras, even the beach where we lived.

I wrote that story almost seven years ago.  I never dreamed at that time that we would have ebooks and Kindles and I didn't even know what a .pdf file was.  But here we are and I am so very thrilled to be able to introduce you to The Island Brothers!

My vision for this book is to help children develop a world view that’s wider than the daily world they experience.

We loved living in another country and through the book and the companion website children will see the things we experienced.

This month my children's story has released as an ebook and I am happy to share it with you.

Tiger Hunt Children's Story

Tiger Hunt!

Join the adventure as two brothers befriend the last tiger on Bali.

  • illustrated with a unique blend of colorful sketches and photos from our stay in Bali.
  • a great read aloud for all ages
  • encourage children to read
  • open children’s eyes to another culture
  • 15 page children’s ebook for download
  • ebook internally linked with Wikipedia for more information on unfamiliar terms
  • comprehension and vocabulary printables available
  • see our personal videos, pictures, and explanations of Bali on the website, too.

One great thing about this book is the website I've been building as a companion, The Island Brothers.  I've added first-hand information about Bali so that your children can not only read a great story, but also learn about the island.

We also have printables so you can use this book to complement homeschool cultural studies and discuss lessons taught.

I'd love to give three copies away to readers of The Better Mom.

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