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The Prodigal Son & Motherhood

This week during breakfast we read a new-to-me description of the prodigal son parable. {found in Luke 15:11-31} For the first time in my life, I looked at the parable from the father's point of view.

The Prodigal Son & Motherhood {what can we learn?}

I watch what the father does in this parable and I am surprised.

With a broken heart and tears in his eyes, he gave an inheritance to a son who didn't want him anymore.  Then he watched his son walk away.

This is a wise father.  A father who knows that when it comes down to it, he can't control his child.  He can't make his prodigal stay. If he tried, what good would come of it?  Would he ever receive genuine love from that child?

What does this parable mean for me, as a parent?  What does it teach me about how God parents me?

I see that...

  • God is faithful.  He is always willing to extend forgiveness.
  •  He is not controlling.  He leaves my life up to me.
  • He loves us all the same.  He is willing to offer His love to both those who stray, and those who obey only because they think they have to (as well as those who love Him, but mess up sometimes!).
  • We have a choice, we can accept His love or reject it (out of pride - as the brother in the parable does)
  • I can love my children greatly and still let them go their way.  Whether that's playing a sport that I wouldn't have chosen, or wearing an outfit that doesn't match.  Maybe it's bigger, like letting them make the final choice for college, or even watching them pay bigger consequences if they make those choices that might involve drinking or drugs.

Its my prayer that re-reading these parables as a parent will help me to better see God's ways with us.  I hope that learning to mirror God when my children are young - extending grace and love and forgiveness, teaching them patiently and not with an exasperated spirit - will help them have a more accurate picture of God when they're older.

And maybe, just maybe, their journeys to find themselves and make their faith their own won't take their spirits too far from my heart.

 What new truths have you seen in the Bible as your life experience has changed you?


Christy Halsell

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