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The 100% Perfect Way To Raise Children

I wish they sent us home from the hospital with a book. It would be titled:

The 100% Perfect Way To Raise Children

Perfect Way To Raise Babies

I remember being utterly amazed when the nurses handed me my firstborn baby and helped me buckle him in the carseat.

Seriously, they're just giving me this baby? Umm, what if he pukes or something?

What if he breaks on the way home?

The book would start off with how to change a meconium-filled diaper while your newborn is screaming. {My first mothering challenge.}

The next section would discuss breast vs. bottle and would include that while breastfeeding is a healthy and in most cases the best choice, it might not always be so. And if it isn't, how not to have guilt over it.

Then that book would get into solids, potty training, weaning, and moving the baby from the crib to a bed when they're old enough. It would also tell me the 100% perfect time for each of these big steps.

Although really, so far I've found that in all of these huge milestones we fret and worry about, there isn't just one solution that is best. I don't really think we'll mess up our babies in these choices.

But here is where I'm having a hard time now, and where that book issued by the hospital or midwife would come in handy:

How do I teach my child to deal with the disappointment of not placing in his second surf competition?

The competition that he did his absolute best in.

The competition in which the cards were completely stacked against him because his massively pregnant mom got the times wrong and couldn't figure out the whole registration thing {which is not rocket science}, his dad didn't have time to even get in the water with him, he surfed completely alone while the other kids all had parents out pushing them into the waves, and he still stood up on his board with every single wave he caught.

He should have placed. He should have.

Instead he cried for 45 minutes and my heart broke. Even a trip to McDonald's didn't solve the problem.

He knows all about being a gracious loser and that we're not in it for the win. He knows that the most important thing is how hard he tries, but he was still disappointed.

{I saw another mama walking to her car with another little boy crying just as hard, so I know I'm not the only one with this question.}

What would the 100% Perfect Way To Raise Children book say about that?

And how about teaching your kids how to interact socially when some kids leave them out on purpose? Or how to be sweet to irritating little brothers and sisters, even when their mom messes up all the time at being sweet to them?

I can teach them how to make their beds, and even how to read, but there are all of these other things that leave me puzzled.

And I can't even begin to think about the questions I'll need answers to next year, or the year after.

Where is that book?

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

Walking Together,


What questions do you want that book to answer for you?

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