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Simple Summer Fun!!

I'll start by asking you a question:  Did you ever think you were the one to invent something?  Like a word or expression, idea or food? fun summer 2012Here's a little secret about me (get ready for the ultimate in transparency):  when I was a little girl, I thought I invented quesadillas.   I thought of a snack that I had never been exposed to  - I know, how is that even possible, growing up in California?  - and in my head I creatively called it "melted cheese on a tortilla".  Imagine my surprise when I grew older and had my first quesadilla!  Amazing!  Someone else thought of this too!

This happens to me a lot in BlogLand.  I write a post like Just Say Yes and kind of think I invented the idea of being a mom who says yes as much as she can, then the next day I see a post on it.  And the next.  And one day a post crosses my path that was written two years ago.  Then I see it in a book.  Okay, so being a yes mom isn't exactly a new idea.

Or I post a series on having a fun summer with your kids.  Definitely NOT a new subject!!!!  Of COURSE I see it all over the internet!  Who doesn't want to have a fun summer with their kids?  This summer I'm seeing summer ideas even more.  Everywhere.

My Most Important Fun Summer Rule:

  • K.I.S.S.  {Keep It Simple, Silly}

My limitations (maybe they're like yours?):

  • I have four children.
  • Another baby is brewing and will be arriving this winter.  My energy is divided between pregnancy, older kids, preschoolers, and babies.  It can be difficult to focus on age appropriate activities for all.
  • I am not crafty.
  • I am not very good with games.  {I know that everyone says we need to interact meaningfully and that if children don't get games their brains will fall out.  Hopefully God will spare me that consequence.}

My solutions:

  • routines:  loose daily and weekly routines

a routine like:  Monday - cleaning,  Tuesday - social outing (park or hike), Wednesday - water outing (beach, lake, pool), Thursday - friends over, Friday - kid's choice

  • planning:  I'll have a whole summer planning series June 4th-8th with printables available!
  • all of t

    hose AH-MAY-ZING bloggy buddy resources!  Seriously!  Everyone has great ideas and they're all available on the internet.  When I do feel super energetic and creative I can check out so many different blog posts:

Parent's Guide To Surviving The Summer

Frugal Summer Fun

Spring Into Summer Series {the Purposeful Mom}

50 Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids

50 Activities for the Summer

  • grace:  this always has to be an ingredient for me.  Summer won't be perfect, but it will be FUN!

Not to be discouraged, I will run a Fun Summer Challenge for 2012.  It will kick off tomorrow {June 4th} as part of a massive 5-day series 21 bloggers will participate in, 5 Days of Mothering & Homemaking .  Please join me and my {non-original} Fun Summer 2012 - and plan for the Thursday Link-ups!

Come on tell there anything you thought you invented?

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