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When Saying No, Means Saying Yes

"Yes I would love to lead the Women's Ministry!"

"Yes my husband and I can lead a small group, especially since it is a really big need right now."

"Okay if you can't find anyone else, I could be the Secretary for the school PTO."

"Sure I can help plan the meals for church."

"Wow! I would really love to be in that Beth Moore Bible Study.  Let me think about it, but I probably can."

"Sure I can help plan the annual work Christmas Party."

"What?! You are going to have a once a month girl's night out?!?!  Of course I would looove to go!"

Does this list sound familiar to you?  Yes, yes, yes, sure, yes, okay, yes!  Let me ask you....Are you tired?

My personality draws me to be a part of every opportunity and every need that comes my way. Maybe you can identify with me? Maybe you are the yes, okay, sure, uh huh mom too?  I want to encourage you today tired mama, it is okay.

Okay. to. say. no.

I have had to learn this the hard way, but once you accept the ministry that God has given you at home with your family as your first priority, there is freedom.  There is freedom in not saying yes to every single thing that comes your way. You come to realize that in saying no, you are actually saying yes.  Saying yes to the ones that need you the most right now.  In your quest to save the world, don't forget about them.


Friends would you join me and Joy from Gracefull Mama in January as we embark on a journey to learn to be moms who say yes?  We will learn how to know when to say yes and when to say no, how to organize our priorities to keep our family first, and so much more!  I can't wait for this series, and this movement of moms who will rise up, saying YES to their homes and their families!  Grab the button below and put it in your sidebar if you are joining in this with us!  On Twitter we will use the hashtag #YESmoms!  This will also coincide with our new Better Mom Monday's Link-up starting January 2nd, so get those posts ready! 

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