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Cookie Cutter Love

I don't know about you, but I have a host of cookie cutters that rarely get any use.

I bought some.  I was given some.  I inherited some.  Whatever the case, they sit in my pantry and wait for their day in the sun, which is usually around Christmas.  Too bad for those Easter cookie cutters!

But kids love cookie cutters!  Cookie cutters make kids smile!

So I brainstormed and came up with a list of things we can do with our cookie cutters.  I like to use them in secret and present the outcome to the kids so I can see their reaction.  But then again, I also like to have the kids help me make a fun treat.  I'm flexible.

We'll start with the obvious and move on from there.

  • cut-out sugar cookies (I told you, super obvious)
  • play dough
  • biscuits
  • sandwiches

make sandwiches with cookie cutters

Turkey sandwiches my son made for dinner one night.  You could buy those fancy sandwich cookie cutters so that no part of the sandwich is wasted, or you can just serve the sandwich "remains" on the side.

how to make a toad in a hole

  • watermelonuse cookie cutters with watermelon
  • fried eggs (this one might require a few directions)

fry eggs in cookie cutters

  1. Spray the cookie cutter with non-stick cooking spray
  2. melt some butter in a pan
  3. place the cookie cutters in the pan
  4. drop the eggs inside

If  the egg is really thick turn the heat down to medium low and let them cook slowly. Once they're "set" pull the cookie cutter off by poking with a fork and flip! (Choose larger cookie cutters, if you can.)

eggs fried in cookie cutters

These fried eggs aren't something I'd do every day because they take a bit more time, but if you want to do something special and healthy they're kid approved.  Even my kids who typically don't like fried eggs gobbled them up!

Now you know all of my cookie cutter secrets, wanna tell me yours?

Christy at One Fun Mom.

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