In Praise Of The Family Road Trip

Considering taking on the adventure and mayhem of a family roadtrip this summer? Before you decide whether or not to pack your bags, consider what else you'll be taking along: opportunities for family growth and incredible memories... Even when the going gets tough. It's time to hit the road!

Last summer, our family did the unthinkable: We drove 3400 miles round trip from New Mexico to Florida, and back, with all 8 of us (including 6 boys ages 1 to 12) in one SUV. We survived to tell about it, and quite frankly...loved proving to ourselves that we weren't completely insane. 

This year, we are reprising the unthinkable and throwing a trip up to Georgia and back through the midwest in the mix. Let's face it:  Flying is expensive but not impossible. Going that far for that long in one car together as a family has to be intentional. You have to choose that kind of crazy. Amen?

Here are some of our favorite reasons for road-tripping:

1) Extended Time Together to Talk

There is really nothing like the hours upon hours of being in a car together, to draw out conversation...if you allow for it. Turn off personal devices and work through some fun questions together! 

2) Time To Learn Something New

Road trips are a great opportunity to learn things you think you don't have time for: 

  • a new language via CDs from the local library!
  • crochet or knit
  • memory verses
  • to listen to podcasts, interviews, and audio books

3) Opportunity For Family To Serve One Another

A road trip provides opportunity to extend patience, grow in compassion, and learn to cooperate as family. We especially notice that siblings who may not typically spend much time together end up bonding over new memories from surviving a road trip together.

4) To See Through Their Eyes

Any kind of travel affords us the opportunity, as parents, to experience the journey through our children's eyes. A road trip makes that deliberate, especially paired with travel journals, sketchbooks, and family meetings along the way.

5) To Discover What You're Made Of

Especially when traveling with littles, a road trip always feels long and arduous. Sometimes we wonder if we will make it, and enjoy it at all. But, as they say, "Necessity is the mother of invention" and a road trip is a context in which this could not be more true. Our family has been known to high-five each other for: making it to the next rest stop, managing a sick child mid trip, navigating stressful city traffic, screaming babies, and simply arriving safely and loving one another. 

No small thing is not worth celebrating when you're on a road trip. And in this world of flashy entertainment and disengaged families running in different directions...we could all use a little celebration of going the a family.

Because of grace,

Ruth Simons

Ruth Chou Simons is an unlikely mom to six young boys and wife to a very patient man, Online, she's an artist, writer, and speaker, who shares her journey and how God's grace intersects daily life at her blog + shoppe at In her everyday life, she washes 8 loads of laundry a week, cooks for large crowds, and educates her children from home part time through the classical Christian school she and her husband, Troy, founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Get a glimpse + behind the scenes of her heart, art, and home on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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