Educational, Entertaining and Eternally Valuable: A Review of Jonathan Park


It’s true confession time.  What I am about to tell you will deeply change your family for the better.  I am not exaggerating.  I am not overdoing it on my enthusiasm.  You need this and I am ridiculously excited to tell you about Jonathan Park, but first a little context…

Our family loves to listen to Christian radio dramas.  We usually listen to these radio dramas while we are driving.  Of course, as many of you have probably done, we’ve listened to all the ones we own at least three times and have exhausted some of the online libraries that we ‘ve been frequenting. 

It was time for something new.

We began listening to the first series of Jonathan Park – The Adventure Begins.  Wow, they aren’t kidding when they advertise these as “action-packed.”  I had a hard time keeping up with the very first adventure!  At the time we were listening to the first CD, we were on our way to go fishing.  We drove long enough for the first episode to conclude.  By the time we arrived at our destination, went out fishing and got back in the car, I thought the kids might’ve forgotten about the CD.   No way!  They hopped in the car and were eager to get to the next episode!

Soon, we listened to the next episode, and the next, and the next and… you get the idea.  ;)

Later in the week, I was traveling across the state, when we made it to the last few episodes. It was somewhere on the drive home that I realized I was flat-out in love with the dedicated hearts who created Jonathan Park.  I normally have a hard time staying awake on the way home, but here I was, soaking up each episode.

Let me give you a short list of what makes Jonathan Park so good.

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1) The Jonathan Park radio drama is designed to teach evidence for creation!  So, this is by far what sets Jonathan Park apart.  It’s one thing to listen to a story and it’s another to listen to a story saturated with God’s Word and then it’s like a whole new level to include scientific evidence for creation dispersed through each episode! Wow!

2) By listening to Jonathan Park repeatedly, your family will gain faith-building knowledge and an incredible amount of facts about creation instead of perhaps just memorizing a lesson or a story.  They will like the story, but the facts that are folded into these adventures are timeless! 

3) You will learn something.  I have tried for years to read some of the heavier books on creation science.  I still have them on my list and I’m not giving up, but let me tell you, to be able to learn some of these facts in a fun way, right along with my kids and while driving. Oh my goodness, it makes it completely worth the price.

Some of my favorite concepts mentioned in the first series pack were: Louis Pasteur and his disproval of spontaneous generation, the Fibonacci sequence and why patterns in nature point to a Creator, and the Information Theory.  I was fascinated by what was presented and felt compelled to look up more about what the characters discussed in any given episode.

Not only does Jonathan Park offer excellent audio adventures, they also have a clean and engaging website.   There, you’ll find relevant articles that are concise and informative. Their Facebook page is up-to-date and contains biblical quotes, links to activities/ideas as well as blog entries from the Jonathan Park team.

In conclusion, I can sincerely tell you that our family totally recommends Jonathan Park.   As I was finishing up this review, I decided to call the CEO. I’m sure your chuckling at my audacity.  I assumed he wouldn’t pick up or return the call, but at the very least, I wanted to express my gratitude for producing such a remarkably useful tool for Christian families.  We ended up having a delightful conversation.  Let me tell you, these people are legit.  So, if I haven’t convinced you to become lifetime fans of Jonathan Park for the sheer educational and entertainment components, you should know that they have a heartfelt, insatiable desire to equip kids to be able to give an answer for the hope that is in them (1 Peter 3:15).  I could hear this earnest desire in the voice of the CEO and in the center of each episode.

I want to equip my kids in this way, and perhaps you do too. Let’s take the simple step of buying Jonathan Park.  We’ll be making road trips more exciting, entertaining and a lot more eternally valuable.

Learning about our Awesome Creator while cruisin’ with my cute kiddos,

Lindsey Feldpausch

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This is a sponsored review of a product and all opinions are my own. Full disclosure here.

Lindsey Feldpausch

Lindsey Feldpausch is a sinner saved by grace who lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her worship leader/youth pastor husband and four delightful kiddos fill life with the best kind of crazy. She likes dangly earrings, mint gum, campfire conversations, and airports. She can't wait to tell you a story and she can't wait to listen to yours. She thinks the best adventure starts with saying yes to that still, small voice.

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