The One Thing Your Dream Kitchen Really Needs


"Everyone needs beauty as well as bread." -John Muir

 I've been striving for perfect. Without even knowing it really, I've been pinning and magazine clipping and decorating in my own little space for so long, that I've begun to form a picture in my mind of what home should look like, and developed a task sheet for myself of all the cleaning and organizing and purchasing required to make it just so. Its easy to get caught up in the pretty picture of home, and forget about the people there.

But the one thing my dream kitchen really needs is my heart.

A heart that longs to serve, to nourish those in my care, and to cultivate life in the most common of everyday spaces. Isn't it a wonder that the homes we inhabit are capable of reflecting the fingerprints of our personalities? The way God made us, all that he placed in you, uniquely and wonderfully, can be expressed in the art of home. The heart of designing a beautiful space is to bring that beauty to rest in the hearts of our families. With a simply cut wildflower, a framed verse or print, a thoughtfully placed shelf or basket, or a comfy chair to perch, every detail placed with heart honors and touches the hearts of our loved ones.  It doesn't have to be complicated, and it doesn't have to be expensive. It just takes a bit of time and imagination.

This month we've started a pin board in partnership with LG Electronics, to inspire you to dream about your own kitchen space, and pin along with us for a chance to win an entire series of LG Kitchen appliances, $25,000 for a renovation and a consultation with designers from HGTV. This contest runs until January 29th, and you can learn about all the details right here. Join us on Pinterest and show us what your own imagination holds! And more importantly, tell us about your heart. We want to hear how your creativity comes to life in ways big and small, and how you'd design a space your family will love. Can't wait to see your pins and have a peek at the beauty God has poured into each of your personalities!



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Kristen Kill

Kristen Kill is a woman transformed by the delight of God. She loves coffee, gingerbread, and staying up late with her nose in a good mystery. She believes there is something sacred in lighting candles, in setting a beautiful table and inviting others in. Most days she can be found attempting to learn how to cook, redecorating any given room instead of cleaning her house, and homeschooling her five hilarious children. 

A contributing Editor at The Better Mom, and co-host of At Home, a popular podcast with Sally Clarkson, Kristen is passionate about encouraging women who feel stretched thin. She believes that tension is where we can learn to live expectant for the music and melody God is singing over of each one of us. She writes about home, creativity, and flourishing at her blog Hope With Feathers (

After spending the last seven years in the hustle of New York City, she and her husband, Josh, are learning to go slow as they raise their family and walk their anxious hound dog in the Pacific Northwest. Her first book, Finding Selah is due from Zondervan in 2018.

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