Connecting with Your Kids this Springtime!!


soap-bubble-61247_640I love Spring Time!  The weather is usually perfect if you don't have a big rainy season.  The sun is out, the birds are singing and you just have the urge to be outside. This is such a great time to connect with your kids! Here are some fun, simple activities you can do together this springtime.

Sidewalk chalk- You don't just have to draw pictures, you can play games such as tick tack toe or hangman.  My daughter loves to do this with me on our concrete porch!

Bubbles- They are just SO fun, I still love to blow bubbles.  You never get too old!

Take Walks together-  There is so much to explore in the Spring.  Beautiful trees, birds, and flowers-take your cell phone along and you can take special pictures together.

Car Rides- This is one of our favorite activities- We love piling in the car and taking a nice drive!  It is a great time to have wonderful conversations as a family!

Retro Games- Jumprope, jacks, and hula hoop  This is the perfect time to pull out those games you played as a kid (YES,before the electronic age).  You might be surprised how much your kids love them.

Play Ball- If your child plays a sport, this is a great time to practice with them. A ball is still the most fun toy around-kick it around in the yard, toss it or make games with it.

Scavenger Hunt- Set up a scavenger hunt for your kids to find things in nature that you typically see in the springtime.  They LOVE the challenge of it!

Spring/Summer Family Nights- I have a whole list of them on my blog Together with Family!

These activities are not only fun but cheap-you don't have to have a lot of money to connect with your kids.  These are also simple things you can do with your kids that provide time for great conversations and lots of laughter!

Use this springtime to connect with your kids and don't forget to have FUN doing it!!

Angela, TogetherwithFamily

Angela Richter

Angela Richter is a wife to her best friend of 20 years and mother to three! She is the author of Together with Family where she writes about finding ways to connect with your family on a deeper level! She is passionate about intentional parenting and marriage and loves to share practical ways to make family life better! She loves anything regarding homeschooling, writing, reading great books and scrapbooking! She lives in the Northern part of the Bluegrass state and is a Kentucky girl through and through! You can find her on facebook, twitter, and pinterest!

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