Entrusting Your Children To The God of the Impossible


Entrusting Your Children To God

Do you worry about your kids? I do.

And I don't just mean a twinge of over-concern. I mean the real worry - the painful, heart-wrenching, sleep-depriving, gut-twisting, mind-paralyzing kind of worry.

Ever been there?

I've always been a little bit of a worrier anyway, and then the Lord gave me Sam.


Sam, who has life-threatening food allergies. Sam, who has asthma that can wrack his little body with coughs and wheezes. Sam, who's seen ER visits and epi-pen injections and more specialists than most kids I know.

This is our situation, with our child; I'm sure yours is different.

But the point is, I know what it feels like to look at a child you love, and to worry about the future. To see the concerns of the present, and the particular burdens your child carries, and just wonder how it will all turn out.

Sometimes in the fear, and the chaos, and the scary moments, I need to be reminded that the Lord has planned my child's days.

One thing that helps me in these moments (oddly?) is to remember Teddy Roosevelt. Random, I know, but stick with me.

Have you heard his story?

As a child, Teddy was incredibly sick and weak. He had asthma and many health issues. He had to be whisked away during the summers, just to find coastal air he could breathe.

He was a fragile, sickly child, and doctors feared he wouldn't even live.

We all know he later become President. He was more than President, actually...he was one of the strongest, toughest men of his time. They nicknamed him "the Bull Moose" after he got shot in the chest during a stump speech, and continued to give the speech, for another hour.

This sick little boy became an American hero, a muscular, tough, war-hero of a man.

See, God had a different plan for his life.

It's all over the Bible, too, this pattern. Remember Joseph, thrown in prison? Remember how he ruled over Egypt later?

God had a different plan for his life.

Remember David, cowering behind rocks, running from Saul, fearing for his life? Remember? He was KING after that.

God had a different plan for his life.

Things often looked desperate. You'd never think these refugees, and prisoners would be okay - no, who'd be more than okay. Rulers and leaders used by God.

See, God had a different plan.

God can do anything. Anything.

And I think about these stories, and I get choked up wondering about my Sam. Maybe God will use him, too?

Of course, I have no guarantees for health and wealth for Sam nor anyone I love. Neither do you. But we have something else (better?):

  1. We know that God is in charge of our families. It's His plans that stand.
  2. We know that weaknesses and obstacles mean nothing to God. Nothing.
  3. We know that when things look bleak and dark, often that is when the Lord is working the most. (Think of the Cross.)

And (Abraham) is our father in the sight of God, in whom he believed--the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not, as though they were. (Romans 4:17, emphasis mine)

Dear God, help us to see our children with your eyes. Help us to know that despite our many fears and worries for them, they are held in Your mighty hands, and Your plans remain. Give us grace to remember how big and strong you are. We love you.


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Jessica Smartt

Jessica Smartt used to be a librarian and an English teacher, but now she works much harder just being a mom. You can find her blogging at “Smartter” Each Day where she pokes fun at the everyday challenges of motherhood, shares all her delicious allergy-free recipes, and rejoices that God loves her no matter what phobia she’s recently developed. She is blessed to the moon and back with two energetic little boys and a husband who actually never worries.

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