8 Ways To Soak Up the End of Summer


I don't know about you, but once 4th of July hits I get a little bit sad.  To me, the 4th is the pinnacle of summer.  After the 4th the stores put up their back-to-school items and I might as well kiss summer goodbye.  But wait!  Even if school is just around the corner, we don't have to completely leave summer out to dry!  Here are a few ideas to make the most of the time we have left.


photo by my husband Charlie, founder of Give Bracelets.

1.  Have a dinner picnic

Just because Dad has to work doesn't mean he has to miss out on all the fun!  Pack up a picnic dinner and head out somewhere especially summer-y when he gets home from work.  {the community pool, a park, the river/lake/beach}

8 Ways to Soak Up the End of Summer ~www.thebettermom.com (NOT a bad link)

2.  Backyard campout

maybe you went camping this year and maybe you didn't, but a backyard campout can be fairly easy to pull off.  And you should probably make these frozen s'mores while you're at it.  Yum.

3.  Street/Sidewalk Painting Festival at a local park

Here's an article on how to make Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint

4.  Make Sharpie Tie-Dye shirts!

I've wanted to tie-dye with my kids forever, but haven't ever worked out the complex and messy tie dye details.  Enter Sharpie tie-dye!  Here are  10 Tips for Sharpie Tie-Dye that will help the project run smoothly.

5.  Create a Multi-Family Obstacle Course

Choose a day to meet some families at the park or have a few over.  Have each family bring one obstacle for the course.  Some great posts to get the creative juices flowing:

Olympic Games Obstacle Course, Pool Noodle Obstacle Course, Water Obstacle Course, Bike Obstacle Course

6.  Creative Outreach

My friend Juliza created a Facebook group for Tuesdays at the park.  Each Tuesday she plans a very fun purposeful activity for all of the kids to do together.  A few of the ideas listed here come from her great research and motivation.  (Her park days have included Sharpie Tie-Dye, the family obstacle course, and sidewalk painting festival, among others!)

What about inviting Christian and non-Christians and using this time to build friendships?

7.  Water fun day

squirt guns, water balloons, some cammo face paint, crazy sprinklers, slip'n'slides, water noodles

Invite a few friends and have everyone bring their fun water toys.  If you're really handy and have some time to put into it, make a PVC pipe car wash.  Or just stick with the more doable ideas.

8.  Glow stick fun

Host an evening barbeque and buy a bunch of glow sticks from the Dollar Tree.  Once dusk hits, try out some of these fun ideas (I seriously love glow sticks):

outdoor night time bowling, glow stick swimming, glowing stone hunt, glow stick hide and seek

Lastly:  I love clever ideas for having fun, but I'm also a huge fan of simplicity.  Please don't let these ideas pressure you.  Just because Pinterest makes the backyard campouts color-coordinated with cut-out name cards for each sleeping bag doesn't mean you have to!  A blanket and some sleeping bags will be just as fun for the kids.

What are you doing to make sure summer doesn't slip out quietly?


Christy, One Fun Mom