A Prayer for Mothers


My prayer is that we realize we cannot do it all.sun setting California We cannot even do a little bit.

My prayer is that when we've tried as hard as we can and we have still failed,

we dare not pick ourselves back up.

Try the latest new organizer.

Eat the current "high energy" snack.

Go on a new diet.  Start a new exercise regimen.

Make the coolest chore system.

All this and more will not ensure motherly success.

We will still fail.

I pray that we recognize this now.

This fault of always thinking we can do it, with Jesus' help.

Because we can't.  We can only do it through Jesus.

We need Him every step of the way.

I cannot live this life without Him filling me up.

Without His direction.

The day is over now and I was impatient with the children.

My chores did not get finished.

One child was naughty at school.

Another has a hard time in their learning.

I have failed.

Jesus finds me here.  In my failings.  And He loves me.

My prayer is that we find rest with Jesus.

That we let Him direct our days.

That we accept our failings and let Him beautify them.

When no glory can come from my earthly self, His light will shine through me.