I am so thrilled to introduce our brand new book club here at The Better Mom!! This is an opportunity for us as moms to come together, to learn and to grow, whether that be through personal study, online groups or groups in your own home or church. We will have a 4-6 Week Session in the Winter, Summer and Fall. Each 4-6 week session will include the reading plan a questions for the week posted every Sunday and one post every Thursday on the site to help spur on our conversations surrounding the book we are reading. I will choose material that I believe is monumental in your walk with the Lord, your family, your home and your relationships! I hope you will join me as we gather together, grow as women and in turn give the best of who we are to our families.

Our next book study will begin on April 17th, 2016!!!

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Are you ready to join us??? Can't wait friend!