Typecast Mommy

Suzanne Gosselin PK

Before my son was born, I thought a lot about what kind of mommy I would be. I’d seen the “types.” Here are a few of them: The self-sacrificing mom: Overflowing with intense baby love, this mommy spent her days selflessly attending to her baby’s needs without a thought of herself … or a Continue Reading

Making Memories in the Midst of the Mundane

Mother showing baby fallen leaves and chestnuts

It was just another fall afternoon. Kids napping. Roast thawing. Dust piling high on my hand-me-down coffee table. Earlier that morning I'd popped both kids in the double stroller and headed four blocks north and six blocks west to our small town library. Our mission?  To check out some books to Continue Reading

When Your Child’s Will Wears You Out

strong willed child

Last month I wrote about my newly-turned 16 year old girl's birthday with a few reflections on how God wired her (and just how blessed I am to be her Mom!). I did not go into incredible detail, but made reference to her toddler years -- as in, the not-at-all-easy toddler, preschool and early Continue Reading