Why We Don’t Spoil Our Children


Why We Don't Spoil Our Children What does spoiling a child mean? I am quite certain that everyone would have a different definition based upon our background. The answers would vary due to things like socioeconomic status, ethnicity, whether or not we grew up in a two-parent home to a plethora of Continue Reading

The Day I Became THAT Mom


Many of my friends are 10 years younger than me with no church background. I worked with Young Life for five years and these kids now have kids and recently, I piled my boys into a van with a gift bag and handmade cards and we drove two hours to the city for one of the kids' birthdays. And it Continue Reading

Growing Into Joyful Mothering

Growing Into Joyful Mothering

We all know mothering is hard. That's just the way it is, right? No real way around it without losing something important by taking shortcuts and sometimes it can make us flustered. We can get so focused on getting our task list done that we fail to see the joy of mothering right before our eyes. Continue Reading