“Comfy Cooking with Kids” Ebook (99 Cents for 48 Hours Only!!)!


Hi Ladies! I am SO excited to introduce to you the release of my latest ebook, ”Comfy Cooking with Kids“…  designed to help guide you and your children in the kitchen! 

 To celebrate, I’m practically giving it away for 99 cents at Amazon.com for 2 days only!

That’s RIGHT! From Wednesday, April 2nd until Friday, April 4th you can hurry over to get your Kindle version for JUST 99 cents!!! 

Please feel free to leave feedback on Amazon to let me know how you are enjoying the book! Also, feel free to share this deal with anyone- FB, Tweet, and Pin away! 

I pray you’ll enjoy using this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. As always, I will continue to pray for your families and the ministry you’re teaching them ….starting in the kitchen! 

About the ebook:


Congratulations, Parents!
 You’re about to teach your children all about how to get “Comfy in the Kitchen!”

As you go through this e-book with your kiddos, you’ll teach them how to: Use many basic kitchen tools, incorporate simple cooking techniques, properly set a table, make delicious recipes the entire family will love, and even teach them how to clean-up afterwards! All of the recipes displayed are handpicked to be simple enough for small children to make with a parent and/or older children to make on their own. A variety of different cooking tools and techniques are highlighted to help your children gain cooking confidence.

Because cooking goes beyond just following instructions, “Food for thought” ideas are highlighted under each recipe giving you teachable moments to share with your children. Some examples include: “What is Shoe peg Corn? How do I separate an egg white from the yolk? And, why do we use oil rather than butter when we cook on high heat?” Who knows, maybe you might even learn a thing or two!

Gluten-free options are also available under each recipe to accommodate my allergy-suffering friends (hand raised!). So, here we go…. let those kiddos crack eggs, pour milk, measure, and make a mess. Did I say make a mess?! Ohhh, yes I did, but don’t worry, Mama- as I mentioned above, the kiddos will learn how to clean up the kitchen in the last chapter, they’ll even learn how to make their own cleaning supplies. Last, but not least, when the baking and cooking is done, make sure to sit down and take in those precious moments and indulge in the delicious creations you and your children have made together! 

Example Recipe: Classic French Toast 

french toast

*Food for Thought: It’s easier to whisk eggs when you break the yolks first! Just poke them, then easily whisk together.
 *Gluten-Free Option: Use Udi’s GF bread.


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ~Benjamin Franklin

Available for 48 hours at Amazon.com at the LOW introductory price of JUST 99 cents! Hurry! 


Janelle, ComfyintheKitchen.com

Doing Family Life Together


You hear the word intentional a lot lately around the blogosphere.  I think it is a GREAT word.  We should want to be more intentional with our children, with our marriages, friendships, and even our work or ministry.   The more intentional we live our lives the better.

I have a real heart for helping families be more intentional.  We live in a time where many families seem to be doing everything separate.  We run here and there and fill our calendars to the brim but often have little time for great conversations or connection.

If there is anything that will get your family connected it is time.  There is NOTHING  that can replace time.  We can’t replace it with material things or money or a packed calendar that has our children in every extra activity we can think of.  If you want to have real relationships with your family, you have to spend the time with them.  It has to be a priority.   Here are some ideas to get you started!

Learning about God together – family devotions, bible reading time, and prayer.  I saw an article recently that shared the statistics on youth leaving churches in young adulthood.   The number was as high as 85 to 90 percent!   When they did a survey with the children that stayed in early adulthood, real faith lived out in family life was the common answer.  Having a family that lived the Word together!  It didn’t matter if the churches had a youth group, or didn’t.  It didn’t matter if the church was entertaining or not.  This was the thing that kept them in church the most!   Moms and Dads, we cannot afford to fail in this area!!

Family Nights – Special themes for the winter or summer, unplugged weekends and more!

Date nights – Special date nights with your spouse and/or with your children.

Play Together – Board Games, Movie Nights, Working Puzzles, or Build something together.

Cooking together – There are so many great kid’s cook books and Pinterest is FULL of ideas.  Most children love to cook with their parents.  Make sure cleaning up is done together too, it teaches responsibility!

Playing a sport or exercising together -  this could be as simple as a daily walk, or bike riding together.

Doing ministry together – you could sponsor a child, help the widows in your neighborhood, or even go to foreign soil for a missions opportunity.

I have started a blog called Together with Family where I hope you will get practical tips on living family life with intention and purpose.  I will be talking about all the ideas mentioned above and more!  We have such a short time to be with our families, our children grow so fast.  I’m now a mom of  one teenager and 2 soon to be,  there was a time (seems like yesterday) that I had three under the age of 5 with two of them in diapers.  I know first hand how quickly time goes!

When you do family life together with intention and purpose, you will create a home life where joy and commitment to one another grows!  Family life should connect you to one another, not pull you apart!  I hope I can share ways to do just that!


Angela, togetherwithfamily

Easter Resources for the Whole Family

With the Lenten season upon us, and as we anticipate days leading up to Easter…

I want to encourage you as a Mom to give thought to crafting special moments of celebration for both yourself and your family.  Perhaps your church already outlines a suggested plan, or maybe you have deep family traditions which define this time.

If so, please share with us so we can all gain ideas!

For anyone needing fresh inspiration or direction, here are a few favorites our family has participated in and enjoyed each Easter season.

easter garden

Devotional Reads for Easter

I have thoroughly enjoyed Bread and Wine: Readings for Lent and Easter each year – every time I learn something new!  Though I never get through the entire thing, it’s helpful to pick it up each year.

Last year my husband and I read Love to the Uttermost by John Piper.  It’s a devotional reading for Holy Week (link is to last year’s outline), and was both short & inspiring!

For the whole family, Ann Voskamp offers a FREE Family Lent and Easter devotional — with printable ornaments for an Easter tree.

NEW!   A free Blessings of the Cross 40-day PDF devotional when you sign up for Faith Gateway’s Easter email devotionals (also free).  I’ve downloaded the book…and it’s beautiful and incredibly inspiring!

easter books

Children’s Books and Activities for Easter

Just a few of our favorites read often in the season:

If you were to Google or search Pinterest for crafts, there would be a plenty!  Remember to choose ones that fit your family in this particular season.

Easter comes every year, and some ideas can wait if they only serve to stress you out right now.  The focus is celebration, not aggravation!

easter cross

Here are a few activity suggestions from our family:

Each year is a fresh opportunity to remind ourselves of this greatest gift — the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior.  May it never grow old in our hearts.

Plan celebrations to fit your family…

…and savor the season.


Daniele Evans, Domestic Serenity

What’s in the Bible Celebrates Making it to Revelation {Coupon Included}

whats in the bible

What’s in the Bible did it!  They made it to Revelation!

The final volume in the What’s in the Bible? series covers Hebrews to Revelation and is available on March 4.

To celebrate this release, they’re offering you 20% off any order over $75.  This deal is a great opportunity for you to catch up on the series and complete your collection.


Click HERE to order and apply code above on the last page of checkout!  This offer is only valid during release week, so don’t miss it!

Happy Shopping :)


*This post contains affiliate links. See full disclosure here.

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