What I Read {March 2014}

I have been sharing the books I am reading every month for three reasons: #1 to keep track of the titles, #2 to share them with you, and #3 to hold myself accountable (I am notorious for starting a bazillion books at once and never finishing any of them! This keeps me on track!) Click here to see what I read in January and here to see what I read in February. I pray it will inspire you to dig in and keep your mind engaged in learning!!

Here are the books I read in March:


Happy Wives Club by Fawn Weaver: My friend Fawn from The Happy Wives Club hits it out of the park with this book. I couldn’t stop reading! It is so much fun to travel with her around the world and learn about different cultures, as well as hear the secret of a happy marriage from couples who have been married for over 25 years. You will love this one!

treasuring christ when your hands are full

Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full by Gloria Furman: Every mom needs this book. Period. I found myself underlining, highlighting and nodding in agreement throughout. Gloria reminds us of where are true focus lies even when we are feeling overwhelmed and frazzled. LOVE this book!


Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist

I love Shauna Niequist’s writing. She always draws me in with her down to earth, real life stories. This is a candid account of some trials she faced and how God taught her through those circumstances to rest in His grace.

and by the way one of my favorite books is another one by Shauna Niequist called Bread and Wine (You HAVE to read this :)).

bread and wine

So what are you reading?? What books have you really loved lately??


Ruth Schwenk

Our Very Own T-Shirts!! {I’m not “just” a mom…and more!}

I am soooo excited to show you our brand new t-shirts for our community here at The Better Mom!! I have been wanting to do this for awhile now and alas here they are…. Let’s wear them with pride my friends!!!

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This is my favorite one!!! I LOVE it! Being a mom isnt about your place in life right now; its about your purpose in life. There is no such thing as “just” a mom! Click here to purchase the I’m Not Just a Mom tee.


You are raising and releasing weapons of life, joy, truth, and light. Dont just raise kids; raise arrows! Psalm 127:3-5 says, “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warriors hands. How joyful is the man whose quiver is full of them! He will not be put to shame when he confronts his accusers at the city gates.” Click here to purchase the Raising Arrows tee.


No shame, so shout it out! I LOVE being a mom! Click here to purchase the I Love Being a Mom tee.

So which one is your favorite that you are going to order?? And…what are some other quotes for our future designs that you would love to see on a tee??


Ruth Schwenk

Thank you thank you thank you to my friend Kathleen Miller who designed these beauties for us!!

Candace Cameron Bure – How Does She Do it All??

How Does She Do It All?? {Candace Cameron Bure  with Ruth Schwenk } (We shared this post in the past but I immediately thought of it when I was planning this series on balance. It is a perfect fit! Candace will also now be giving away a copy of her brand new book that fits perfectly as well, “Balancing It All”!)

I am so excited to have my friend Candace Cameron Bure as our guest today and introduce you to her brand new book Balancing It All!

Actress, Producer, New York Times’ bestselling author, and international speaker Candace Cameron Bure is both outspoken and passionate about her family and faith.

With a successful television and movie career that started at the age of five and continues to flourish today, Candace knows that the greatest success in her life has been that of her marriage to Valeri Bure and their three children, Natasha, Lev and Maks.

Her desire is to minister to the hearts of women so they might pursue wholesome values that nurture and reinforce the family unit; that modern women would be bold enough to stand against the negative message our culture tends to reflect, and embrace the women we were created to be.

You can find information about Candace on her website or follow her on Twitter.

Candace writes:

How does she do it all ??

It’s a question we moms all want the answer to, as if there were a formula.  You see her on t.v., talking about her latest book, her new movie, her make-up line, her charity involvement and of course her picture perfect family. Does super mom really exist?

To put it simply: no. She’s juggling her life the same way you’re juggling yours, except she’s in the public eye and her projects are on a worldwide scale. And just like you, she struggles. Trust me, she struggles. But you don’t see that in the magazines or in her interviews. They only ask her about the good stuff and she’s got her answers down pat so it only appears as if she balances it all seamlessly.

Don’t you wish you could pull back the curtain? Just for a moment?

You can. Just look in the mirror.

You may not be on the New York Times best-seller list, but the way you read to your kids should put you on the best storyteller list. You may not have a new film debut, but the drama and comedy in your house could rival any Drew Barrymore movie. You may not have founded your own non-profit organization but the effort you put into your kids’ school and your church ministry could make you the CEO of any charity in a heartbeat.

It isn’t about the scale of things that makes them more important, it’s about what’s important in your life that makes them worthy.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home homeschooling mom, a working mom from home or a working mom on the road, our desire to balance it all well will never cease. And for each of us, that means something different. Did you catch that?

For each of us, balancing it well means something different.

We are all unique including our gifts, talents, families, circumstances and situations. What’s normal for you isn’t normal for me or everyone else. Some rules won’t apply and exceptions and creative solutions will have to be made to find balance within your lifestyle.  I believe that when we come to this realization in our own lives, it will be an overwhelming sigh of relief!

It’s not about comparing yourself to the woman on television. She’s not doing it better or more efficiently than you are, her circumstances are just different.

God placed you in your space, with your own sphere of influence. How you use that influence and for whom you use it is part of balancing it all well. When we are well rounded and focusing on all the things God has created us to be and do, that is when we will achieve balance in our lives.


Candace, CandaceCameronBure.net

GIVEAWAY!!! Today Candace is giving away a copy of her brand new book, Balancing It All!! Enter to win a copy below!

BalancingItAll_Cover“How do you do it all?”

That’s the question that wife, mom, actress, and best-selling author Candace Cameron Bure is often asked. And it’s a question that women everywhere are asking themselves as we seek to balance all of our roles, responsibilities, and opportunities.

So, how do we do it? Working since the age of 5, Candace has been in a balancing act for nearly her entire life. She is the first to tell you that there is no miracle formula for perfect execution in every area of your life, but there definitely are some lessons to be learned, lessons that come to life in Candace’s story.

Come along and dig into Candace’s story from her start in commercials, the balance-necessitating years on Full House, to adding on the roles of wife and mom while also returning to Hollywood. Insightful, funny, and poignant, Candace’s story will help you balance it all.

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Dear Mom {who is trying to do it all}

Dear Mom Who is Trying to Do it All

For the past week, my two youngest children have been sick… really sick. After a trip to urgent care, I settled in for what would prove to be a long and exhausting week with my two little “patients.”

It had been a long time since our kids had been this sick – and a long time since I had been that tired. The youngest of my four children is five years old. With a good stretch of health in the family, I was finally feeling like a normal human being again – that is until this past week (it is amazing what a good night of sleep can do!).

This past week was a reminder though of how I felt for a span of about ten years. For much of those ten years I was pregnant, giving birth, rocking babies, breastfeeding, and chasing toddlers. As I think back to that special (but exhausting) time in my life, I feel compelled to pass something on to you.

To you, the mom who feels trapped in those crazy, exhausting, and seemingly endless moments right now. 

I need to tell you something that is so, so, important. It is something I wish someone would of told me.

You can’t do it all. You just can’t.

We live in a culture that is telling us that we can. Not only is our culture saying we can do it all, it is saying that we MUST do it all. The lie that so many of us can fall into believing is that our worth and significance come from what we do. Some of you may even believe that your worth comes from being a mom and doing motherhood perfectly.  But that isn’t what God tells us.

God tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, beautiful in His sight, and a treasured possession in Christ.  Our significance comes from being His child. His daughter. His girl. Period.

It’s not from what we do, whether that be an executive, teacher, doctor, or mom. Our worth is found in Christ alone. We don’t have to earn it or work for His approval. Who we are is defined by what Jesus has done for us – so we rest in knowing and being known by Him.

There is great freedom and joy when we live out of this truth. But it doesn’t come easy. We can too quickly forget and so we need to regularly remind ourselves of who we are in God’s eyes. We will be talking about balance throughout this month. I think a good place to start is laying aside the “rat race” you may find yourself caught in and resting in Him.

Now I am all for a good race and know that we are called to run with perseverance….

but I also know that our running will be in vain if we don’t first take time to rest in the God whose love defines us. 

Do you feel trapped in the “rat race”? Are you resting or are you worrying? As we start this series I would love to pray for you. How can I pray for you? Please…share your requests below and lets gather together lifting one another up in prayer.


Ruth Schwenk

This post is part of our series Finding Balance as a Busy Mom. 

Please check the series page for all of the posts! 

Finding Balance as a Busy Mom

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