Five Ways to Find Hope When You Are Overwhelmed



Back to School time is in full swing at our home, and while it has been eagerly anticipated, it is rocking our calendar and zapping the energy out of my crew who were really loving lazy days of summer  vibe we’ve had for the last few months. There are lots of things that I am good at, but juggling a schedule is not one of them. I feel like a wild beast is taking over my home with every email that arrives telling me that I (or one of my children) need to be somewhere. When you have a shift in routine, find yourself in a season where there are countless activities and orientations, how do you cultivate peace in your heart and in your home?  More than anything I want to cling to hope and help my babes have a blast, not be the crazy mom yelling at everyone while we rush to tie shoes and brush our teeth as we jet out the door. So, sweet mamas, I present, 5 Ways to Find Hope When You are Overwhelmed, because don’t we all need just a bit more sunshine?

1. Take Time to Look at the Big Picture

Carve out a few hours when you can open your calendar and see the big picture of what is happening in the coming weeks. Mentally prepare for what lies ahead and how you will manage the logistics. Pray for God to lead you by faith in all your commitments, and maybe even to help you say no to a few things that don’t fit for you in this season. Can you enlist a friend to help with pick-up or drop-off, adjust the baby or toddler’s nap to ensure that your homeschool time will flow a bit more smoothly, or prep any supplies in advance for an outing or event? Even small changes can make a big difference! There are certain days in my week that I need to rise an hour earlier, others where I know I’ll need to schedule a quick meal that could be on the go and a few times where I need to be two places at once and need to reach out to ask for help from some girlfriends!

2. Prep Like a Mad Woman

Nothing makes my family crazier than to being on the go AND starving, and even though I’ve been a mom for over a dozen years, nothing sneaks up on me more than dinner time (or lunch…or breakfast!) I need a game plan! If you’re stuck trying to meal plan, you can download the bi-weekly meal plan right here at The Better Mom- it is amazing! This month, I’m spending time grilling and freezing chicken and ground beef, slicing vegetables, and making sauces on the weekend when my husband can take a shift with the kiddos. Then on weeknights, my sous chef work is done and I’m able to put our meal together in a lot less time. Are there things you can do ahead? Laying out clothes the night before, packing backpacks for the next day at an hour that doesn’t stress you out, putting together daily snack bags ahead of time so you’re ready for life on the go or just for that child that is longing for something in the late afternoon at home? Take just a few moments to be ready and you’ll feel like a warrior mom!

3. Laugh a Little!

When my older girls were little, a wise older mom shared her secret for breaking up sibling arguments and grumpy attitudes and we adopted her trick into our own family. Whenever my children are squabbling, I make them hold hands and jump up and down, swing in a circle together, or try to out do one another with a goofy face to “win” the argument. They can usually go about 15 seconds before bursting out in laughter with each other! A good laugh is truly the most wonderful of reset buttons, moms! If you find yourself with a huffy tone, feel tense or grumpy on the inside, take a minute to make goofy faces with your kids, twirl until you’re dizzy or just google some knock-knock jokes together…I promise you will be ready to tackle what is before you afresh and your children will light up at the way you lead their hearts into a sweet connection with you!

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

At the end of the day, if you crawl into bed with a to-do list that isn’t all crossed off, with ideas of lesson plans that didn’t quite make it to life in your homeschool, with the realization that you completely forgot about soccer practice, ballet class, the PTA meeting or your mother-in-law’s birthday….take heart!  Sweet mama, you can take your burdens, concerns, heartache and even your schedule to the feet of Jesus every single day. Rest in him. Remember that you are lovely and that you will never get it all right or be perfect. There is grace and so so much to be learned when we stumble. Don’t be afraid that you won’t keep it all together!

5. Don’t Neglect Your True Nourishment

It might just be the easiest thing to skip, forget, or let slide by when you are overwhelmed, but friends, you need time every single day in God’s Word. Search for treasure, seek wisdom, bring your petitions to his feet and listen for his voice. There is nothing that will sustain you more than meditating on his word and joining your heart to his in prayer. Don’t miss what God has made you for, don’t miss enjoying his very real presence, because your days are too full. Make time and let him carry you through the rest of this season.

Share some of your ideas for making it through September in the comments?  Wise women copy other wise women, and I’d love to copy all the wise things you do! Let’s get a big list going to help each other in this community.



It Sounds Like You Could Use a Date…

photo (1)

This smile brought to you by a “mom date”

Last week I had one of those days. You know the kind, mama. It was the sory of afternoon where you think you are going to glide thorugh just fine until dinner time and end up hidden away in the bathroom with a baggie full of goldfish.  I don’t particularly like goldfish, but  they were the fastest thing I could grab off the counter without being seen mid escape, and my weary body needed some (any!) kind of sustanance if I was going to really relish being alone for five glorious minutes.

I really am a stable person. This day had flattened me and cut right through all my firewalls. I was wrestling long and hard in a throw of words with my girl. Ever in the same room, the presence of the other seemed to grate on us both- she expressed her frustration with an eye roll here, a murmur there, and I over-corrected, under appreciated and became all together critical of everything she was up to. In the moment though, I just felt right, I wanted her to yield, to bend…I wasn’t about to be satisfied until she let me control her.

Naturally, while clutching the bag of goldfish and holding on for my dear emotional life, I phoned my husband and spilled out all my guts. “Wow, honey. It sounds like you could use a date” Yes! Whisk me away from here, where shall we go? I’ll make the reservation! Oh waitHe meant with our daugther.

His words rang true. Since each of our children was a toddler, I’ve found that when I begin to become irritated, when I’m easily offended or grasping for their ear, we could use a date. Our children know when we are over-tired, they can sense when we are frustrated with them or when our communication has been out of tune. The disconnect can be felt deeply by their little hearts.

It is in these moments that we are called to initiate restoration and love- to show our children they are our priority and to speak out with our words and actions that they are special to us. Time away with them reinforces the bond we have in our own hearts as well, nurturing our Mom Hearts in relationship with those we care for.

Here are some ideas for connection when you feel depleated or are struggling with your children.  I pray that if you are in need of connection with your babes, in need of re-building nurture, that these would be a blessing as hearts soften in your home.

-Get outside! Go for a hike or walk together, drive to a local hilltop and take it in together, play loud music and sing along on your way.

-Create a place for tea and a treat at home with your child. Pull out fancy tea cups, use doilies, light a candle and bake cookies. Invit them to sit alone with you to talk or read together. Keep the other children occupied with the rest of the cookie batch and an audio book or special puzzles.

-Kick around the soccer ball, run laps at the local track,ride bikes or hit the putting green. Enjoy movement together and talk as you exercise. Sometimes our stress needs help working its way out of our bodies, and being on the move is just the thing!

-Grab a cool drink and head to an area where you can see the open sky. Lay back and find as many cloud shapes as possible together.

-Create a project that you can work on together, all at once or in increments- organizing family photos and sharing memories as you sort them, beading necklaces or knotting frienship bracelets, working on a centerpiece of flowers for the dining room or building small furniture can be wonderful ways to connect.

-Plan and cook a feast for the rest of the family. Let your child design the menu and take on the big jobs in the kitchen!

Most importantly, pray and read God’s word together. Let your child know how you see them as a world-changer, endowed with incredible gifts from the Lord. Often, speaking out truth is the reminder we moms need as well.



July Nature Notebook

nature study photo (1)

Download the July Nature Notebook Here

My life as a bookworm began when I was in the third grade. I nibbled and chewed my way through every story I could get my hands on and had to be coerced to play outside most Saturday afternoons. Even though I loved the outdoors, I always fancied myself to be an “indoor” type of person. I liked the idea of scones and tea time and air conditioning. When we moved to New York City three years ago, our need to be out in the fresh air increased exponentially, and I learned a few ideas about how to get my kids excited about spending heaps of time out of the apartment.

As a bookish person, I determined to merge our outdoor life with reading :) In our family, Nature Notebooking has become a simple way to learn and enjoy our time outside, while excercising our intellect alongside our bodies. Notebooking is just a fancy way to say “journaling,” and can be a wonderful way to anchor these long summer day for moms of older and younger children. The main idea is to get outside, observe, draw and investigate together as a family. Inspired by the sea, summertime and the story of my favorite hermit crab, Pagoo, I’ve created a July Nature  Notebook that is reproducible and available to download. I hope it is a blessing to your family as your explore summertime with one another!



It includes:

-Ideas for Nature study and questions to ask your children on your adventures

-A weather calendar for July

-A summer poem

-Room for your child to write their own July adjectives and  a poem of their own

- A beautiful shell art print

-Three reproducible journaling pages for your own time outdoors


July Nature Notebook  Download


If You Feel Like You’re Back at the Beginning


Sometimes the end of the school year can bring us all the way back to the beginning.

When I began homeschooling, I wanted my kids to enjoy the experience, to discover and grow with wonder, but I also wanted them to excel. I wanted, like many moms do, to know I was doing an okay job at this new gig and for me, that actually meant “do better than every one else.” That was the honest state of my heart. 

I was consumed by the fear of of how I would measure up in others’ eyes. I was, in many ways, using my children and how well they were doing as a means for approval from others around me and as a marker of my own self worth.These are big confessions. I’m thankful this isn’t me anymore. I’m thankful that the course of the life in our home has shifted from one of performance to one of grace…often messy grace.

I’m sure that these kinds of fears and matters of the heart afflict all of us- regardless of the way we educate our babes, where we live, what the rhythms of our homes look like. All of us mamas long to do this job well, don’t we? And in June, many of us are longing for a season of rest and hope and sunshine to restore our souls, but maybe that’s because we feel like we’re we back at the beginning- and we’re hungry for a fresh start?

This post is for those of you bound by perfection, or striving for it. For those of you who are fearful each day when you wake up that every step you make has to be the right one. For those of you that are planning to embarking on homeschooling again, or maybe for the first time ever this fall and are right now diving into every catalog and curriculum magazine you can get your hands on to be sure you are choosing the perfect fit for your children. I know this.  I know how you love your family to overflowing and just want to do this job well. I know how tired and worn you feel carrying the weight of training sweet babes and creating a home.

I know how this worry of getting it all right can knaw at you and become the foundation, even unknowingly, for all you do with your children each day. 

When your plans crumple, when you are ready to give up control, when you become depressed as you realize you won’t ever measure up to your own expectations…If you feel like you are back at the beginning, starting all over again, in the process of tearing down an unsure foundation, know this: you are seen and known by a gracious God.He promises to rebuild,and get this: He does it for you. You can rest. You can trust him. 

I will rebuild you with stones of turquoise, 

your foundations with saphires. 

I will make your battlements of rubies, 

        your gates of sparkling jewels, 

and all your walls of precious stones. 

  All your children will be taught by the LORD, 

 and great will be their peace. 

     ~Isaiah 54: 11-13

I’m praying for you. I’m praying for your heart and your journey and the beautiful chaos that will ensue this year. I’m praying that you know deep down in the hidden places of your being that you are defined by whose you are, and not  by what you do. The perfection and righteousness of Christ is enough, even though alone we never will be. He will show us where to invest, where to labor, where to let go. I’m praying that we can all cling to him and be at rest, that we will let him build anew.

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