6 Summer Projects for Your Tweens & Teens

Are you a mom who dreads the summer months with your teens, fearing the unscheduled time and worrying about them being on their screens too much? Do you feel anxious about the rhythm of packing and unpacking for camp drop-offs and pick-ups in between family vacations?

Imagine being the type of mom who looks at the calendar and sees a blank canvas ready for doing life together, especially with your tweens and teens.

That’s what I’ve asked the Lord to do in me this summer, recognizing that I only have a few years left with my tween and teen at home. I’m so keenly aware that now is the time to make life-time memories, while also seizing the moment to train them up with the skills I’d like to see them take into their future.

Summer Projects for Tweens & TeensSo rather than letting a summer pass without purpose, I’ve come up with six summer projects that I can do with my tween and teen that will enable us to connect while expanding their skill set.

1.  Paint a Room {or Something}

Learning how to paint a room or a piece a furniture is a skill worth having, so look around your home — or maybe a grandparent’s place — for a small space that can be painted in a day with a gallon of paint. This is a low budget project that offers a great reward!  Work with your teen, teaching them how to pick out the paint and supplies as well as prep the space:  clearing out the room, getting the walls ready (Spackle, sand, etc), taping edges, cleaning the floor before painting, etc. And then do the job with them, showing them how to roll, cut in, etc. If painting isn’t a skill you have, watch some tutorials on YouTube and do the research together before you start.

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2.  Prepare the Food

How about having your tween or teen plan the family’s menu for a week, or for an upcoming trip, and prepare all the food? Offer them a budget as well as assistance in the shopping and food prep time. Use the process to teach about how to select produce and meat, what unit price really means, shelf life for food, how to determine quantity, measurements, etc. Depending on your son or daughter’s maturity, let them handle as many of the responsibilities as possible. You could even toss in an incentive for an older teen, such as “Here’s the amount we spend on food per week.  If you can fix our meals for less than that amount, without us eating bread and water all week, you can keep what you save.”

3.  Purge Something

I’m guessing that you have a closet, storage room, garage, or cabinets that need some purging and reorganizing. Maybe even your tween or teen has a personal area that needs some TLC — like their dressers, bedroom, or old toy room. Let them pick one space to totally purge and reorganize. Be involved in the process in the beginning, but also give them space to figure it out on their own. You can keep it simple and have them focus on “keep, give, toss” for the space. If there is enough to give away, considering letting them organize a Yard Sale and keep the proceeds for themselves.  Or, if your budget allows, you can let them redesign the area, including painting and creating organizational systems.

4.  Put on a Party or a Small Gathering

Since everyone doesn’t have the gift of hospitality, learning how to put on a party or small gathering is another skill worth developing. Consider hosting a party for a birthday, anniversary, or a milestone celebration, or put on a small “themed” gathering for your tween or teen’s friends or your own friends. Have your son or daugther organize the details, including the invitations, menu, decor, party schedule, and setting up the house as well as clean up. Offer a budget as well as working with them through each step. If you do not have the gift of hospitality, don’t fret. Here’s some help just for you, and ideas for a simple tween party here and here.

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5.  Pick a Project

Is there a project your teen would like to work on, but needs your approval, input, and budget help? Maybe it’s learning a new instrument or developing a new skill, like how to paint with watercolors or write an app for a smart phone. Take your tween or teen out for ice cream and ask them, “What is one thing you’d like to learn how to do this summer?” Help them brainstorm and offer your support in the process, making a timeline and setting attainable goals.

6.  Plan for the Future

This one is definitely the most serious of projects, but worth the investment of time. Have your tween or teen begin the process of preparing for their future — specifically their college years — by creating for themselves a College Bound Checklist & Portfolio (CBC&P).  They can do this either in a binder or notebook, or online using Google Docs, which they can share with you. Their CBC&P can be divided into sections based by grade-level, with a “to do” list for each year. We’re using the Countdown to College: 21 To Do List for High School as our guide. Your teen can also include in their CBC&P a list of college scholarship opportunities (something that can be researched throughout the summer), college picks, and a record of their volunteering, work experiences, and awards throughout high school.

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What summer projects are you doing with your tween or teen?

How are you using side-by-side experiences to connect with your teens while they are still at home and train up skills they’ll need in their future?

Shine Bright,


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When that Heart on Your Sleeve Tells His Story

May I confess something to you?  I’m a heart-sleeve wearer, and always have been, although my motives have changed over the years.  As a teen, I’d share my heart hoping someone would hold my secrets tenderly, love me unconditionally, and promise to protect me forever, which was certainly a by-product of inheriting a legacy of dysfunction.

But now, I wear my heart on my sleeve, not because I’m looking for something in return, but because I have something I want to share — a story of God’s amazing, extravagant, wildly transforming work in an ordinary life.

I’m not who I was 20 years ago, when God rescued me from a life destined for destruction, and revealed to me a different way to live. My desire to travel the world and pursue a life of corporate success was laid down in favor of marrying a Christ-with-skin-on type of man who wanted to lead a simple life as a high school teacher and raise a family together.

When that Heart Tells His Story

I’m not who I was nearly 15 years ago, when God poured out His grace in the life of our firstborn daughter — a miracle considering the life I lived during my early college years.  God continues to show me evidence of His touch, as I mother all four of our children — but by His grace.

I’m not who I was seven years ago, when God took my mask-wearing, good-girl living and said enough through the words of truth-tellers speaking with love who challenged me to become more than an angry, hurting, yelling mama. It was time to deal with the guilt, shame, bitterness, and unforgiveness that had overtaken my heart and was overflowing hurt onto my family (Ezekiel 36:26).

Even as a passionate go-getter type of woman, with a whole lot of hutzpah as my Jewish grandmother would say, I couldn’t fix my issues on my own. I needed God more than ever before, even for the courage to walk into that counselor’s office.  It was there that God showed me how years of Scripture study and wet-eyed prayers were not wasted. He burst forth in me a season of radical healing, as learned how to trap my thoughts, and my memories of the past (2 Corinthians 10:5), and give them over to Him so that He could transform them — and change me — with the truth (Romans 12:2).

I’m not who I was, and I’m not yet all that God has created me to become. I’m work in progress, but that doesn’t mean I can’t yet tell of His story.

Philippians 1:6 NIV
. . . being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

God continues to move His Spirit into untouched places in my heart, as He writes His story of extravagant grace and wild transformation. That’s why I go forth with my heart on my sleeve — not to show how much better I’ve become, but to point to the One who changes lives from the inside out.

I want women to seek God for themselves and to know the impact their changed lives will have on the next generation. {click to tweet}

I’m finally becoming the wife and mom I wanted to be and that’s because of God’s work within my heart, mind, and soul.  All that I do is an overflow from what He is doing in me — whether I serve as a mom and wife, as a life coach or mentor, as a writer or speaker, as a ministry leader at More to Be or as I engage with the community right out my back door. It’s because of God’s changing work in my heart and all for Him to use His way and in His timing.

Friends, I’m hear to say it’s true:  When we give God access to our heart and surrender to living in light of the Truth, He will change our thinking and thereby change our living. He will change us from “as is” into that new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17) we long to become, so that He can use us to impact this world, starting with our families, for His glory.

Because of Him,


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Embracing a Happy, Happy, Happy {and Unbalanced} Life

As a life coach and mentor, I often feel as though I ought to have my life in total balance. We seem to have become a people that strive after balance in everything…

…balanced relationships with our children and spouses.

…balanced schedules with time for work and rest.

…balanced opportunities to serve and simply have fun.

Balance. Balance. Balance.

Kind of like happy, happy, happy.

But is there such a thing as a happy balance? I thought so, until I heard a preacher passionately declare, “We’re not called to balance. We’re called to love and serve.” I must admit, I bristled at the flippant challenge. What…not pursue balance? Then why I am working so hard toward that end and encouraging other women to do the same? Should I give up on managing my schedule and start living off depleted emotional resources, all in the name of love? Maybe. Or maybe it’s a matter of perspective.

What if we pursued balance in our pursuit of balance?

What if we pursued balance {ahem, margin space} in our pursuit of balance? {click to tweet}

We need to be honest about how we’re spending our time and seek to make the most of every opportunity (Ephesians 5:16).  Really, how hard is it to honestly look at our schedules and make some healthy, boundary-keeping decisions?  There is value in using evaluation tools, like these, to help figure out what commitments simply need to go, since we can’t do it all and do it well.

When truth speaks to the ideal, healthy and real balance can be embraced. {click to tweet}

When truth speaks to the ideal, healthy and real balance can be embraced.

What we see on paper can help us recognize that our expectations are often not realistic. If we’re perfectly balance in our schedules, we’re likely not leaving room for margin — that blank space in which God can slide the unexpected right into our lives.

I believe that it is in the margin space that God longs to work in us and through us.

We need room in our schedules to respond to His interruptions. Yes, that will make us feel unbalanced as we bristle against Him pushing us to make room for His agenda —  moments like when our sick child requires nurturing or a grieving friend begs for a listening ear.  Yes, these needs throw our life-balance pursuits off kilter. But they also put a different kind of balance back into our souls — a balance between serving our own schedules and serving others with the love of Christ.

These divine appointments make our lives balanced even when our schedules look a mess.

Instead of trying to weigh out all we do in equal measure, maybe we should think of our regular commitments as being all in one basket, with the goal of leaving the other basket empty. This is our margin space — this is the guarded reserves, which we need so that we can respond in emotional balance to the unexpected.

My hunch is that when we live with margin space for the sake of keeping balance in our schedules, we’ll not only be able to love and serve others without feeling stressed out — we’ll find a whole lot of happy, happy, happy — which is way better than balance, balance, balance.

Real life is too messy to be scheduled all the time. It’s like forcing jello back into a mold after you served it up in a dish. It won’t work. Neither will our perfectly printed paper schedules. If our ideal for balance is a schedule that functions perfectly all the time, then it’s time to ditch the ideal for the real . . . the really messy but beautiful life God designed for us to live.

And yes, I’m preaching to myself here, sisters.

Cheers to the unbalanced life,

Elisa Pulliam

Life Coach & Mentor at elisapulliam.com and moretobe.com

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Finding Balance as a Busy Mom

Can I convince you that our teens need you?

I have something I want to share with you that I think could potentially change your perspective, and more importantly, change our world. Of course, I’m no expert nor do I have a “special” degree validating what I am going to say.

I’m simply an ordinary, saved by grace woman who sees a need that is not going away.

Our teens want us to answer their real questions with more authenticity than they’ll ever find on Google or Facebook. {click to tweet}

They truly want to know what we  — their moms and mentors – think and especially about how our experiences shaped our beliefs.

Our teens want us to answer their real questions...How do I know?  Because for the last 17 years, I’ve lived at a Christian boarding and day school with teens from around the world and have witnessed their constant, growing desire to hear from the adults in their midst. But don’t misunderstand me. They aren’t walking around with signs on their chests saying, “Come tell me how to live.”  Oh no. They are average teenagers engaging in cultural curiosities, distracted by the temptations of this world, and sometimes finding themselves crumbling under the pressure.

These teens in my world are like the teens in your world who need you to step out of your comfort zone and step into their lives.

I’m convinced this is what the Lord wants from us, because the questions sitting in a box on my desk continues to grow and grow. Last month, I spent an evening with a group of 20 girls, and received 17 questions scribbled on index cards — this is the most I’ve ever received in one ETC Mentoring gathering.  Questions like…

  1. How do you mentally recover from the regret of doing things with a guy you thought you loved, but he didn’t love you?
  2. How do you talk to a friend who you know is following the wrong path?
  3. Is dating a sin?
  4. What do you do if you are afraid to love someone because of being hurt in the past?
  5. During the time when everything turns bad, how do you adjust your emotions and thoughts?

If these 20 girls represent a smattering of teens nationwide, imagine how many questions this generation is longing to have answered!

What questions might your teens have?Do we really want our teens going to their peers or online to find their answers?

I know you may not feel qualified to answer their questions, but God will equip you. I have to remember that truth every time I host an ETC Gathering. When I sat down with those 20 girls, I was trembling inside, even after doing this for years! I begged God for Him to soften their hearts and breathe life into their souls.  Even though I had the “Give Me Love” Topic & Truth resource ready to share, the Lord prompted me to start in a different direction.

“Well, girls, do you know why I’m here tonight? Do you know why I do ETC?”

You can imagine the crossed arms and darting eyes, as I went on to explain how it all began, asking,

“Would you like to hear my story about how I got to this place and why it means so much to me to be able to encourage you?”

I spent the next 25 minutes sharing about my childhood, coming to know Jesus as my Savior in college (along with the foolish decisions I made along the way), and how God’s amazing grace has marked my life. As I wrapped up my story, I reminded them to ask their questions on index cards, but wasn’t at all prepared for the number that came my way.

God reminded me that because I was willing to share my story with them (without the gory details, mind you), they were able to trust me with their hearts.

God opened the door to share with them something way more important — how His Truth matters in their life story.

This isn’t a door only opened for me. It is one God is waiting to open for you, too.

I know you’ll be stunned at how God will work in you and through you, whether He brings into your world 2 girls or 200.

Come on over to moretobe.com and I’ll give you the resources to start a mentoring group, so that you may impact the next generation for His glory.


Elisa, MoreToBe.com

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