Shaping Her Heart {New Devotional for Girls}


When my oldest daughter, Alena, was about 6 years old she was in love with all things fashion. I have pictures of her climbing trees in purple tutu’s and clear plastic princess shoes while wearing a huge fuchsia flower and lace headband with turquoise rimmed heart shaped sunglasses.

I dare not post it because she’s 12 now and probably would not appreciate that at all! Although, lately, her wardrobe consists of gym shorts, tie-dye t-shirts, messy buns and sneakers, I have proof that she once considered today’s outfits pajamas only!

During her tutu wearing days, I remember having a lot of interesting and random conversations with my little fashionista. One in particular was about bathing suit options. She wanted to know why I would not let her wear a two-piece. This was not the first time we’d had this conversation. I was explaining to her (again) that it was a choice mommy and daddy had made for her.  She was not at all satisfied with my answer.

She walked away and I thought the conversation was over.

I was wrong.

Not long after this she returned, looked at me casually and said,

“I can’t wait til I am bigger.”

The rest of our exchange went like this:

Me: Oh yeah, why?

Alena: Because then I can make my own choices.

Me: Oh really.

Alena: Yup. I’m not going to drink alcohol…but I’m going to wear a bikini!

Friends, at this very moment I knew that I was in WAY over my head! Now please don’t get me wrong, this is much bigger then whether or not her wearing a two-piece is ok…

The fact is that even as a 6 year old, in spite of the rules I was trying to enforce, she had already begun to form her own system of beliefs. Her little mind was set and it was going to take a lot more than a list of “do’s and don’ts” to affect any true change in her heart.

I am grateful that changing her heart is not actually my job. It’s her Creators.

Our children will inevitably ask questions, doubt assumptions and challenge our rules, however, as parents, God has called us to set the environment, be the example and provide them with tools that draw them into relationship with Him. 

That’s when we get to watch Him work, as His Word becomes alive and active in their world.

I wrote You’re God’s Girl Devotional with my girls and yours in mind. 

I pray that our girls will take all of their questions, doubts and curiosity to their creator. 

You're God's Girl is a resource designed to draw our girls into a growing relationship with Jesus!

You’re God’s Girl includes daily devotions written directly to your girl’s heart and will help her discover God’s truth—who He made her to be, how unique and special she is, and how she fits into her world.

You’re God’s Girl Devotions Include:

Why Does God Take His Name So Seriously?

What Is Faith and Why Do I Need It?

How Do I Speak “Love”?

Am I Part of God’s Story?

How Could God Know What It Is Like to Be Me?

You’re God’s Girl is available in stores and online:


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Wynter Pitts

Wynter Pitts is a wife, mother of 4, founder of For Girls Like You Magazine and the author of For Girls Like You: A Devotional for Tweens. Her mission is to empower and equip girls to walk boldly into becoming who God has created them to be and to provide parents with the resources and support needed to raise strong Christ followers. Wynter, her husband Jonathan, and four daughters (ages 6-11), reside in Dallas, Texas. One fun fact, Wynter’s oldest daughter, Alena, starred in the hit movie War Room! You can connect with Wynter on her site, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram @forgirlslikeyou!

How Scripture Memorization Changed My Life

If our goal is to be like Christ, then we must hide more of His word in our heart. Scripture memorization can literally change our lives and the lives of our children! Here is an easy way to begin today.

One thing I believe that is often overlooked and maybe even undervalued at times is the memorization of Scripture. I say this because I've met many, many women along my Christian journey that are so busy that they don't have time to memorize God's Word. And that's completely understandable, right? I mean most of us are busy with raising our children, taking care of our homes, working (both inside and outside of the home), volunteering at church and in our communities, and a plethora of other things.

But the truth is, if our goal is to be more like Christ, then we must hide more of His Word in our heart.

How Scripture Memorization Changed My Life

First I want to give you a little bit of background about me: I was not raised in a Christian home and I was desperate for change and healing. I didn't accept Christ as my Savior until I was a 22-year-old Junior at Washington State University who was on track to graduate magna cum laude (in the top 5% of my class). And while I was succeeding in my mind as an academic - I was destroying my mind as a non-believer. But God had a plan.

I remember the crisp cool evening of September 14, 1998 like it were yesterday. Fall on the campus of Washington State University is something out of a painting. Beautiful brick buildings and pathways nestled between mature green deciduous trees with leaves in shades of red, orange, and brown. That evening marked my first night as a newly-saved Christian.

I had accepted Christ earlier that morning at a church service while a visiting Evangelist had an altar call. And it was at the time I realized that the love of God that I experienced was exactly what I'd been searching for my entire life. And I was smitten. I was all in. I was determined to find out how I could get closer to God - and knew that I had to do what ever it was He asked of me.

Later that night I had a make-up lab on campus and while I was walking home I asked God to tell me what I was supposed to do now that I was saved. I had no idea. None. Like I mentioned earlier I came from a family of non-believers and literally had no frame of reference on how to live my new life as a Christian. All I knew is I wanted to do what ever it would take to bring me closer to the Lord. I asked, and God answered:

For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. (Hebrews 4:12)

And it was through that verse God let me know that if I wanted to be closer to Him, more like Him, and fulfilling my purpose; then I needed to hide more of His Word in my heart. And right then and there I began my (now) 18-year Scripture memorization journey.

Today I want to share with you 3 ways that memorizing Scripture has completely changed my life:

1. It has allowed me to renew my mind and know His will (Romans 12:2). Without renewing our mind in God's Word, we are unable to hear His voice through the clutter and choas of this world. Our emotions will cloud our judgement and our circumstances will damper His voice. Knowing His will becomes much easier when we are immersed in His Word. So thankful for the Bible!

2. It has given me the ability to give a word in due season. I cannot count how many times over the last 18 years the Lord has lead me to speak His Word to encourage others. And because I memorize His Word - I am always ready to share when He leads. This has helped take a lot of pressure and stress off of doing what He has asked of me. While I know He equips us for ministry - I also know that we must be prepared and ready when He calls!

3. It has allowed real heart change and the ability to lead my children by example. Just like Hebrews 4:12 mentions above, God's Word is the only thing that can show us who we really are and the true intent of our heart. And it has been through the memorization of His Word that I have been able to continuously see my sin, submit it to Him, and have real change take place. Hiding His Word in my heart has also allowed to lead my children in our homeschool and every day life by example. While my children learn God's Word in our homeschool - they have all told me that if their daddy and I didn't do our best to live the Word that they wouldn't have taken it as seriously. Thank you Lord!

There are many, many other benefits of memorizing God's Word. And I want to encourage you today to make time to do so if you aren't already. Memorizing God's Word isn't like rote memorization - just reading Hebrews 12:4 shows us that it is life-changing and alive! Even if we don't understand it at the time, when we memorize Scripture we are storing it up for Him to grow a seed of faith inside of us that will blossom for His glory!

I've written a book specifically for women about this subject that is being released on August 1. The book is called: Matters of the Heart: a 52-Week Scripture Memorization Challenge for Women.

You can learn more about the book simply by clicking on the book image below.

Love Each of You to Life!

xoxo, Carlie Kercheval


Carlie Kercheval

Carlie Kercheval is a happily married work-at-home homeschooling mom of 3. Carlie is the founder of Today's Frugal Mom™ and Fulfilling Your Vows™. She is also the co-author of the best-selling Learning to Speak Life™ Family Bible Study Guide. When she is not busy enjoying her family and the great outdoors, you can typically find her cozied up somewhere under a blanket with a good book. You can connect with her on Instagram.