How You Can Have Your Own Personal Stylist

I have shared this little secret with you before but for those of you who weren’t around when I first shared it….

You can have your own personal stylist…and yes I am serious

For those of you who have not heard of StitchFix let me introduce you to my new “best friend”. ;)

Over the holidays Stitch Fix sponsored a fun party for me and my friends!

Pre-party pic— gift bags and our Stitch Fix boxes ready and waiting!!
Pre-party pic
Woohooo we are excited!

Your own personal stylist - StitchFix
My friend Abby had this really cute navy top in a previous fix she got! (Cassandra’s top isn’t from Stitch Fix…but it is really cute too :)!)

Abby and Cassandra

My friend Casey and I loved our tops!
Casey and me

Here are a few of the styles I especially loved from the night!

a few styles

and I LOVE how they put outfit suggestions with each piece!

outfit suggestions

LOVED this sweater!

StitchFix Outfit

and this one..

Another StitchFix Outfit

So you may be wondering:

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a service where you are assigned your own personal stylist who chooses clothing, jewelry, and even cute bags/purses for you.  When you sign up, you fill out a style profile so that your stylist has an idea of what you like to wear. After you select the first date you would like your fix, you will receive 5 items in the mail (in a cute box :)). You are not obligated to purchase any of them, but you are charged a $20 styling fee. This $20 is refunded if you purchase any one item. I LOVE that with each piece of clothing they include a card that gives you ideas on how to style that particular piece. Once you try your items on, select what you would like to keep and then return the rest in a pre-paid envelope.

So if you find yourself wanting to try new styles and could use a little help from a stylist you will LOVE Stitch Fix!!!

Overall I love the variety of the items they send me.  I have learned it is best to be specific if you are hoping to get certain items in your fix. For example, I have asked for a Maxi Dress, a big slouchy bag, and a cute jacket and loved all of them!!

If you would like to sign up and try Stitch Fix you can click here to sign up!


Ruth Schwenk

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  1. Cynthia says

    What happens if you decide you do not want any of the clothing they send?

    I absolutely love this idea and signed up, but now I am full of questions!

    • thebettermom says

      Hi Cynthia! If you don’t like anything they send you then you send it all back in the pre-paid envelope. You will be charged the $20 styling fee only.

  2. Christina Jones says

    This is such a novel idea that I am intrigued by! Thank you for sharing this! I think I will join the fun!

  3. Bethany Hall says

    How much did your items cost? I have signed up but a. Hesitant because of hate to get my box and love everything in it only to have it be out of my price range.
    Are the tags still on it so you know prices?

  4. says

    Thanks so much for this article; I had never heard of Stitch Fix, and now I’m hooked! This is exactly what I needed to boost my wardrobe…I recently transitioned from a law enforcement career to being a stay at home mama!

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