8 Reasons Why I Love Having All These Kids

8 Reasons Why I Love Having All These Kids
I guess I might as well come out with it.

I’m the mother of 8 children. And I love it.

This often surprises people when they learn that I have all these kids. They’ll say things like, “But you don’t look like a mother of 8 children!” And then, occasionally,“Do you actually like having so many kids?”

I’m never sure how to answer that first one (Thank you…I think?).

The answer to the second is easier, Yes, I do.  I love it! Which some people seem to find interesting.

But here are a few good reasons why I love having all these kids…..

1.   I love the joy they bring. How their sweet faces look up at me with so much love.  The hugs. The laughter. The fellowship of family.

2.   I love all that I learn from them. They remind me to stop and wonder. They ask good questions and challenge me to think.They reveal areas in my life that I – apparently – need to work on. Ouch.

3.   I love how they have built-in friendships. If you’re bored or lonely, there’s always a buddy nearby. Someone to help with the work or someone to play a game. Someone to talk to or someone to snuggle.

4.  I love how much fun they are! Let’s face it, there’s nearly always a party going on around here. The little boys wake up ready and raring to go and the older girls look forward to the late-night thing. Yawn.

5.   I love that I still have a young ones at home. Even if their older siblings have left home to pursue their own calling (Why do they grow up and go off on their own anyway…??).

6.   I love watching the older ones care for the young ones. How the teenagers get the opportunity to be selfless and put aside their own plans. The chance for them to look after the interests of these little guys—and their reward of smiles and sticky kisses.

7.   I love how the little ones look up to their older siblings. For instance, our oldest son is something of a celebrity – a basic rock-star –  to our young boys whenever he comes back from college. Thankfully, he walks with God.  Could be worse, I figure.

8.   I love how they can reach the world. In ways that I can’t. Children seem to have this ability to soften even the hardest of hearts. There’s something about young people that breaks through the toughest barriers. They’re a bright light in a darkening world.


*Sorry, our eldest is missing – he’s away at college. So Jesse, the dog, kindly offered to pose in his stead. Oh, and the children really do own shoes. Now if only they’d wear them….

So however many children you have – whether one, four, eight, or twelve – they are a gift from God, aren’t they? Children are truly a blessing.

I’d enjoy hearing those things you love about being a mom to your children too! Share?

In His grace,

Lisa Jacobson, Club31Women

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  1. Elissa Philgence says

    Hi Lisa

    Children are truly a blessing. Sometime in the day to day struggles I often lose sight of that and then I am reminded early in the morning, like now, when I am having my quite time with God to love and cherish the gifts he

  2. Melanie @ Carmel Moments says

    During the day to day mundane I sometimes forget what a blessing they are. But truly God gave children to us to be a blessing.
    Thanks for the beautiful reminder of what a treasure they are. And how quickly they do in indeed grow up!

  3. Jess N Jeff Kemper says

    I have seven kids!! These kids have made me so Proud!! I love them dearly. 6 girls and 1 boy I am blessed. Even though 1 daughter and 1 son aren’t my biological children. I know God has placed each one in my life to raise and care for! I am thankful for all God has blessed us with. FAMILY ♡

  4. Dealish says

    Oh joy! I come from a family where I am one of eight. I love coming from a big family. I currently have two and “we’re just getting started” is what I say to my friends. I love my kids! I want to have a large family. Blessings on your family.

  5. Amy says

    thanks for this. I sometimes forget why I love my children. I have 7, 5 boys and 2 girls. Ages 17, 12, 9, 6,5,3,2 I am in all stages of mothering. This was encouraging to me. thanks so much.

  6. says

    Let me say while it has been awhile since I commented I am still here enjoying boo. your posts. Thank you for sharing such a touching post today, it almost makes me want 8 (although my husband and I agreed only 1 more.) Anyway I love my three girls 4, 2 (almost 3,) and 1. They make me laugh. I love watching them learn new skills. I love my cuddles, and how they think my kisses will fix most every boo boo. Time spent coloring or cooking together is sweet. Cuddling all of us on the couch for a movie or story time is kinda fun.

    • says

      Those are wonderful additions, Sarah! I know what you mean about the joy of watching them learn new skills too – from learning to walk, to learning to read, to getting their driving license (which recently happened here!). Enjoy those sweet cuddles!

  7. Savannah says

    Kids are a blessing ! I am honored that God trusted me with my 7 :) they bring my heart so much joy! They are quick to forgive each other,they are each others best friends and they look out for one another, I feel so blessed by them each day , it amazes me how much love for children I have after having them. I know it’s crazy sometimes but I wouldn’t change it.. I have anxiety of having no more ..call me crazy but I grew up with one sister who was seven yrs younger and life seemed so dull ..now It’s filled with laughter, mess, love, friendship.. I’m trusting God with my family size , I trust his provision and I am not lying when I say when he has blessed our family with another baby he has blessed our income as well. And I’m talking raises and promotion for my husband at his job, he has continued to show us favor and provided for our every need. I have two girls and five boys ages 7-9 mo including my 9 month old twin boys. <3

  8. Gena Mayo says

    So true, Lisa. I loved how you put it so succinctly. I’m a mom of 8 as well, and when I’m not allowing myself to feel stressed out, I stand back and watch them and just smile. :)

  9. Shawna Marie says

    I have a set of 19 month old twins and currently pregnant with my second set. I’m still in the “scared” portion of this reality–but I know God has a plan and I have to trust him!

    • says

      Oh, bless your heart Shawna! I never had twins, but all mine were very close together. I can well imagine the “scared” part. When I’m overwhelmed I often go to this verse:

      And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. (2 Cor. 12:9).

      I’ll say it over and over again to myself, “His grace is sufficient for me. His grace is sufficient for me.” May the power of Christ rest upon you, dear mama! ~ Lisa

  10. Jennifer Picard says

    I am mom to 7(almost 8) and love every minute of it, well most of the time. It’s never boring, never quiet, but always blessed at my house. I discovered quickly that the hard days are more often than not a product of my attitude, not my kids behavior, and when I step back and look at the moments that make up our day, I am lucky, I am loved, and I am blessed! I am asked all the time if we are “done” yet. I find it hard to say that I’m done, I don’t know what blessings God has in store for my family and I don’t want to limit him:)

  11. Kris W. says

    I am a mom of 8 as well, we love the Lord, we homeschool and I love the things you listed, too, in your mini-bio. ;) I totally agree with all of your reasons! It’s not always easy, but always worth it all. Thanks for posting this! :) We are not quite to the college age with the oldest but I have two who will be graduating high school years in the next couple of years. How time flies!!

    • says

      I know, I can hardly believe it! I like to say, “Sometimes the days go by too slowly (especially when they’re very little), but the years sure go by quickly!” Blessings on yours!

  12. Erica O'Hara says

    I’m the very proud mother of 9 beautiful, loving and amazing children. I’ve always loved it but as I’ve matured with age, my love for this sacred calling in life has grown so much that it overwhelms me most of the time. Whether our Father in Heaven blesses us with more, time will tell but I am more than willing to succumb to the rigors of pregnancy to multiply the love we already have in our home.

  13. melissa says

    This is great! Thank you for sharing! I am a mom of 6 and each one is truly my life! I would love to have more although I just turned 40, so not sure if we will. It makes me sad to think of not having more. My oldest is 19 and youngest just turned 10 months. There is no greater blessing than children! The more the merrier! :)

  14. Jelli says

    Oh, how I’d love to be blessed with so many children! My husband and I sometimes daydream about what life would’ve been like had we met 10 years earlier and started having children in our early twenties…or even before. Thank you for sharing this post!

  15. Nancy says

    We have five kids and I completely agree with every one of your reasons to love having a large family! They are such a blessing to me! Oh…and we don’t like shoes either!

  16. Alisha L. says

    A stay at home momma of four right here. Had four children in exactly 5 years and 8 days:) three boys and then a lil girlie girl. Getting criticized used to make me feel defensive but now I’ve gotten so used to the comments and at the same time I’ve gotten used to the way our life is and I realized that my happiness behind closed doors overrides any negative comment I may face! Life is good! :)

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