How to Organize Your Family {The FUNctional Family Giveaway}

Erin Condren Functional Family System

Do you need help getting your schedule, the kid’s schedule, chores, meals etc. organized? I was so thrilled to receive the new Erin Condren Functional Family System and am even more excited to share it with you!  The FUNctional Family System is so simple to use and I LOVE how everything is in one place! You can choose your own design and personalize it to fit your family!

The FUNctional Family System includes:

*Acrylic Clipboard to hold all of your system, write your “important information”, plan meals, or make notes

*Chore Chart

*Weekly Schedule Pad

*Magnetic List Pad

Help Get Your Family Organized! (NOT a bad link)

To learn all about The FUNctional Family System watch the video below:

We absolutely LOVE our FUNctional Family System and I am thrilled to be giving one system away to one of you!!!! Enter to win your very own system below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Ursula Rosien says

    I did my Christmas cards through Erin Condren and the quality and designs are incredible! I would love to win the functional family system :)

  2. Brandi B says

    We have used an iphone app to organize chores and give allowance but it is never as convenient as having something in the kitchen–I would love some help with this

  3. Jennifer says

    How exciting I was just up last night till mid night trying to organize all of the schedules. And I LOVE the colors I am such an old school color kid.

  4. Heather says

    This is our first year in school. This would be a great item to help us ease into the transition of a busier schedule!

  5. Cara Shields says

    I love this! How great to have everything set up for me but still allow me to make it work for our family. What a blessing this would be

  6. Dianna says

    This not only looks amazingly functional but super cute. We have a very busy home and this would be wonderful!

  7. Cami says

    I love all of the resources and topics you put on your blog! As a mom to 2 toddlers getting our schedule under control is difficult!

  8. Valisa says

    I am doing a bible study and this is something I have found I need to keep working on. My family’s schedule and how we best use our time to serve the Lord and build relationships with eachother.

  9. Melissamommy says

    Love your BLOG!!!! Very inspiring to share God’s truth and applying it as a mother, wife and daughter <3

  10. 7FaithForever says

    Wow what a great system. Looks like it would go well with my written down scheduled type personality. People make fun of my paper schedules and lists but for me its what get this family of 7 running.

  11. Dominique says

    This system looks awesome! We have a family of 7 and I can’t seem to get a handle on the scheduling.This would be great.

  12. Ilka W.J. says

    Still looking for a system that works for us (I’m not naturally organized, to say the least. I take all the help I can get…!

  13. Erica Peterson says

    This would be great! We just had a 3rd child and this would soooooo help keep the other 2 (3 if you include my hubby. lol) on time with their schedules and in getting their chores done.

  14. Kim @ Homesteader's Heart says

    This sounds really great. I need something to get things together. Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. Shelly Lori says

    I like the chores list. That would work great for my girls who fight over who has to do what today and then I somehow end up doing it. Sigh. I need to work on using a system.

  16. Deanna says

    This looks amazing! I would love to try this. I have done many chore charts and hate having to make them and print them off. I like this.

  17. says

    I could SO use this! I work from home (content marketing) and am beginning to homeschool my daughter this year. Juggling her schooling, her gymnastics schedule, my 3 other kids and caring for my husband will be quite a challenge if I’m going to keep up with my business (a must!). This could truly give me a boost with keeping it all organized so I don’t go crazy!

  18. Tiffany Whalen says

    This would be so be benefitial for my family! We are starting homeschooling this year and I need all the organizational help that I can get!

  19. JoAnna Godwin Parente says

    This looks SO useful! I have 7 kids, homeschool, youth leader, etc. and I’m in desperate need of some organizational help!

  20. Rachelle says

    I have tried many things and even created some of my own, but this looks so very simple and that is key for us with 5 kids! I would love to try it out!

  21. Erin says

    I’ve been desiring a way to keep us organized, but haven’t accomplished it yet! This looks like a great system! Thanks for sharing!

  22. ferrell says

    I’ve just learned about Erin Condren, and I’m drinking the kool-aid! AMAZING products so functional but BEAUTIFUL!

  23. kellykigginslundgodswritergirl says

    Having Lupus and Fibromyalgia can leave my brain acting like a sieve with information seeping out so quickly. This organizational system looks like a very useful tool.

  24. Heather says

    I’m always looking for a better way to organize my family, this seems wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity!

  25. Cassie DeLapp says

    This looks useful for anyone especially big families but wen small families. I babysit in my home and struggle with staying on top of our days this would be a great help. Thank you for this chance to win a set.

  26. Amy Miron says

    I have really been struggling getting things done lately and would love some help getting organized before school starts!

  27. Jeanette says

    I would love to win one of these great organizational systems. So cute & I love that it is all together in one spot!

  28. Caryn Block says

    This looks AMAZING!!!! I love her Teacher materials as well. I especially love all the color to brighten our days at home!

  29. Heidi Smith says

    I would love one of these. I am just starting homeschooling this fall and need to be better organized!!

  30. Audrey Thomas says

    I really like this. It would really be a helpful system to keep track of everything in one place. I like the fun designs too. My family could use this system.

  31. Beth B says

    As a home-schooling mom with baby #3 due in a couple months, I can use ALL the help I can get with organization!

  32. Jeannette says

    LOVE this!!! I love the reward cards, that you can customize colors, the meal planning area at the bottom…it’s very well thought out and practical!!

  33. Sarah K. says

    Love this! I’m always looking for ways to organize my family better and this would be a great fit for our family.

  34. Hillary says

    I love that these are dry erase boards so that I can change the chores when need be. I am always looking for more organizational tools, so I’d love to win!!!

  35. Sarah Johnson Scott says

    I would love to win this! We are moving into a new house soon and it would be great to have a fresh start with this.

  36. Monica says

    This would be so helpful to my family.. I have four busy kids and 2 with Adhd and a LD.. This system would give my kids the reminder they need without me nagging and I love that it goes on the fridge.. Thanks for creating this.. It would be awesome to win this.. If not this will be a great investment, although our family will have to wait till the furlough is over.. Thanks so much

  37. nancys1128 says

    Always looking for ways to at least appear I have a clue what’s going on with everyone. This might just be it!

  38. Antrapig says

    I really need to get organized with my son starting school in just a few short weeks. I feel he needs more responsibility, but I have to get organized first!

  39. Tricia Davenport Salmon says

    Great idea here! always looking for ways to stay organized with three kids and staying on top of them with chores.

  40. Angie E. says

    This would be so helpful for my family of 6! With 4 kids and church activities we always have something going on and could use some help with organization.

  41. Vicki B. says

    You have no idea how many times I’ve changed our schedule, printed it out and several months later change it again!

  42. Katrina says

    This is just so pretty! I know, functional and useful too, but I love how it looks (maybe that would get me to actually stick with a system… grrr….)

  43. Susan P says

    I tell you I’m all about needing organization! It’s always more fun to organize when the lists and charts are pretty and colorful. This is neat :-)

  44. Buffi Crump says

    I absolutely love this idea and could really use it for our family! Telling all my friends about it!

  45. Kelly DiCarro says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Erin Condren products!! In desperate need of a family org system! Thanks for the giveaway!! (I too LOVE exclamation points!!)

  46. Lori says

    Oooooo!!! I have been wanting an organizational system where everything would be in one place! This looks amazing!

  47. Michelle S. says

    This one looks promising. I’ve purchased others like this, but never used them. Would love to win it!

  48. Carolyn Johnson says

    We have a paper system somewhat similar to this! But I would love to have this system…so much nicer!!!!

  49. Linda says

    This would be great for organizing everything. Right now I do it all on paper each week and this would be so much easier! What a great giveaway! I love the Water Color organization set.

  50. Holly Kolvig says

    Now THAT is a awesome system, I am just drooling over it. Never heard of it before. I NEED this in my new mudroom addition.

  51. sarah levels says

    This would be useful for my family in so many different areas especially with the schedule that we have…

  52. Heather Froelich says

    I love my Erin Condren Planner! Her stuff is so helpful in getting you organized and I’ve been researching how to get my family better organized – wow! This is perfect!

  53. Amy Ross Cardenas says

    This would be amazing to have! We just started homeschooling and I”m really trying to get schedules in place. This looks like it could be a lifesaver!

  54. Theresa Tanner says

    This is perfect! I am always looking for a way to organize our family so we no longer have any mix ups.

  55. LynleighB says

    I would SOOOOO love to have this. This will be my first year of homeschooling and I’ve been learning ways to become more of an organizer!

  56. Anne L says

    I need to do a better job of organizing my family and their schedules! This looks like a great orgainizer!

  57. BeautifulCalling says

    We used to use chore charts and the past year has been hairy and they have fallen by the wayside. I’d love to try these!

  58. Nikki C says

    I hope we win for our new schedule with my son starting Kindergarten and sports, etc. We also need to clearly write-up our chores/jobs.

  59. Eliesje says

    I need to get myself organized before our next baby arrives… this sounds like this could be really helpful for my family and me!

  60. Kristina says

    I have been looking for something like this. What a blessing this would be. Thank you for the chance to win!

  61. shirley says

    Oh my goodness, my family needs this! I struggle with keeping everything organized and forgetting or missing activities/appts due to my poor organizational skills.

  62. KimberlyAmici says

    This looks awesome. I am all about charts and list. It helps our family stay on track, especially when we get busy.

  63. Tracey M. says

    This would be so helpful!!! I would love to win this giveaway. Thank you for introducing me to a new company! I definitely need to get my life organized.

  64. MaryAnn says

    This would be so helpful. I am a stay at home mom going back to school with a 3 year old and my daughter due in the middle of the semester.

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