July Nature Notebook

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Download the July Nature Notebook Here

My life as a bookworm began when I was in the third grade. I nibbled and chewed my way through every story I could get my hands on and had to be coerced to play outside most Saturday afternoons. Even though I loved the outdoors, I always fancied myself to be an “indoor” type of person. I liked the idea of scones and tea time and air conditioning. When we moved to New York City three years ago, our need to be out in the fresh air increased exponentially, and I learned a few ideas about how to get my kids excited about spending heaps of time out of the apartment.

As a bookish person, I determined to merge our outdoor life with reading :) In our family, Nature Notebooking has become a simple way to learn and enjoy our time outside, while excercising our intellect alongside our bodies. Notebooking is just a fancy way to say “journaling,” and can be a wonderful way to anchor these long summer day for moms of older and younger children. The main idea is to get outside, observe, draw and investigate together as a family. Inspired by the sea, summertime and the story of my favorite hermit crab, Pagoo, I’ve created a July Nature  Notebook that is reproducible and available to download. I hope it is a blessing to your family as your explore summertime with one another!



It includes:

-Ideas for Nature study and questions to ask your children on your adventures

-A weather calendar for July

-A summer poem

-Room for your child to write their own July adjectives and  a poem of their own

- A beautiful shell art print

-Three reproducible journaling pages for your own time outdoors


July Nature Notebook  Download


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  1. Shelly Roy says

    Kristen, Thanks so much for this journal. As a thirteen year off the road Alaska mom whom God has now transplanted to a subdivision in Meridian, Idaho new discoveries await us outdoors and this journal looks like a great jumping off place for us! Have a wonderful July!

  2. thebettermom says

    Kristen I just have to say that I absolutely love these!! Beautiful and such a lovely addition to our family life. Thank you!

  3. Caroline Bange says

    This looks awesome Kristen! I would love to know if you have something year round, as I would like to do a nature study with my kids this school year.


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