Memorial Day With Your Family

Lest We Forget

For several years now,
we’ve visited Willamette National Cemetery
on Memorial Day weekend.

Our two oldest children are currently working on a  WWII project for their class and it is a reminder of how many have sacrificed their lives in service to our country and for the cause of freedom.
Every year, my husband finds stories of specific men and women who have served our country with honor.

If you are interested in sharing this experience with your family, just visit this list of national cemeteries and click on your state.  Once you find your state, choose a cemetery and under it, there should be a list for notable persons with a list of the names of Medal of Honor Recipients.

Every year we are impacted by the fields and fields of flags that stand for lives given in sacrifice for our county.
And every year, it is good for our children…and for us…to realize that each flag represents an actual life–-
A father, mother, brother, sister, son or daughter.

These photos speak more than any words I could write.
Let’s just take a moment to give thanks for the brave men and women who have served with such courage…

Memorial day1





How does your family remember on Memorial Day?

Who does your family remember on Memorial Day?

Thanks for taking a moment to pause with us…and give thanks.


Kara @The Chuppies

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  1. JViola79 says

    What a beautiful thing to do! Terrific photos too. A beautiful reminder to remember & be thankful for those who have served not only our country but each one of us. Thank you!

  2. April says

    We did something similar when our son was just a baby, but it has been two years since we’ve been able to get back to that tradition. We are making the long drive to Littleton, CO today to visit the memorial of Danny Dietz, a Navy Seal who was an amazing hero. We want our kids to grow up knowing the true meaning of this day, instead of pool parties and bbqs, we want them to pause, remember and honor.

      • April says

        He is an absolute inspiration and perfect example of an American hero. I first heard of him when I read “Lone Survivor” – the memoir of the only survivor from that Seal team that was ambushed in Afghanistan. It is an amazing story everyone should read. :)

  3. SistersRaiseSisters says

    I really love that way of commemorating this day. We’ve been talking to our girls about it all weekend (they are 3 and 1) but I think this would be very good for them soon. -Penny Lane

    • says

      Thank you Penny…
      We took our 3 year old today.
      In past years she hasn’t really understood much of it, but today…she asked me if every flag meant a soldier died…
      I love your heart to share this with your little ones. Love, K

  4. Jedidja says

    In the Netherlands we commemorate our dead on May 4. This is a very special moment I think. Often we look at the time to our queen. ( on T.V) She lays a wreath in Amsterdam at ‘De dam’. Now for the first time our king did it. I think on that day to all the my family lost the war and the hunger winter.

    In my hometown is also the grave of a Canadian pilot. He was shot in ’44. Children sing each year Candese anthem at the cemetery. We also remember our liberators, killed in the war.

  5. says

    Please thank your children on behalf of my mom and my family! Today we, once again, went out to put flowers on my dad’s grave, and also my uncle’s grave. It is always so wonderful to see the flags lining the roads and each grave has an individual flag. This means so much to our family and all the other families of veterans to see our loved ones honored this way and to know that they aren’t forgotten. Thank you. And thanks for hosting today.

  6. Angie F says

    Thank you Kara for your beautiful photos and patriotic words of remembrance. It means so much to families with loved ones who gave all. Thank you also to April and others who make the meaningful effort to educate their little ones that today is about so much more than BBQ’s, camping and appliance sales!

    My brother in law (my husbands only sibling) served in the special forces back in the days of Desert Storm, then died during a time of training and mission prep at home. He was only 22. My oldest son, who was three at the time, grew up determined to follow in his Uncle’s footsteps. He became a veteran a year ago, after serving for 4 honorable years in the Navy, including some very intense training time with the Navy Seals. I know about Danny and others who have also fallen in the line of duty. We respect that community highly, but always honor every service man and woman, and their supportive families, who have willingly sacrificed in so many ways for the sake of freedom.

    We didn’t make it out to cemetery today, but did pause to remember. Also to pray for our friends Terri and Mark, whose middle child and second son Matthew died on November 11th 2012, Veterans Day, in Afghanistan. Like my son, Matt not only took his oath of service seriously, but also willingly embraced the words of John 15:13, “There is no greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” This gives his grieving and proud parents much comfort this Memorial Day. God bless all our military families around the world tonight.


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