Heaven Is For Real for Kids Book Review


About a year ago a friend handed me the New York Times Best Selling Book, “Heaven Is For Real”.  Later that day I casually picked it up to check it out. Before I knew it, I was half way through the book!  I literally finished it the next day. It is an INCREDIBLE story!  The true story is based on a boy named Colton, who experiences heaven for a short time, while undergoing surgery in the hospital.  The experiences he had and some of the facts that he knew at such a young age, confirmed to his skeptical parents that Colton had indeed experienced Heaven.

Because I was so profoundly moved by his story, I was excited to learn recently that it had been adapted in to a version for children. The adapted version is written for children ages 4-8 years old.   I love how Colton has taken his story and has adapted it for children in a way that really depicts the way he first shared it as a small child at the age of 3.

Heaven is for Real for kids not only shares Colton’s experience, but it provides scripture that coincides with his story. Parents will also find a letter in the front of the book that gives instruction on teaching their kids about Heaven, and in the back of the book there is a Heaven “FAQ” page and scripture match-up page.  There is a Flipbook to take a look at, as well as Coloring Sheets for the kids, and Colton shares a little about the book in this Heaven is for Real for kids Video.

You can purchase Heaven is for Real for Kids today by clicking here.

I hope you love it as much as we did!!



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  1. krista bordelon says

    This was one of my favorite books! I was telling my husband how great it will be to use this story to teach our children…and now there’s a kid’s versoin! How perfect! I think this will be my new go-to birthday gift for all of our friends’ kids!

  2. says

    We don’t actually talk about heaven much because my oldest (now 5) was going through a stretch where he was really scared about it … I think it was because he thought that he was going to have to LEAVE us… We have moved beyond it, and he brings heaven up himself, and is looking forward to seeing our family, and being all together when we are there, but we don’t often bring it up right now.

    This book would be so amazing for him to see how wonderful and exciting heaven is, and to realize that there is nothing to fear!!

  3. Shonda says

    Our son is only 3 and we’ve talked about heaven, but he hasn’t really said anything. I read the book by Todd and I think about my son being able to articulate heaven. I would love to read this book by Colton.

  4. Harvestdance says

    My five year old had the sillies when I asked her and said ” a pig, a cutie, and a laughing bed.” I look forward to a more serious answer later. Oh…NOW she says “Jesus. And plaque monsters.”

  5. Jean says

    My 7-year old said “there’s tons of things” he’s looking forward to seeing when he gets to heaven, but his “most favorite one is seeing God!”


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